Technology for Mobile Professionals

Below is a list of the stuff I carry around in my briefcase. I’m publishing it here because I think others may find it useful to see what technology I use to communicate while at home and one the road a considerable amount.

This was last updated in October 2010.

  1. Apple Macbook Pro 15″ because it’s very reliable.
  2. HTC Evo Phone on Sprint which has a huge screen, Android applications, and great voice quality.
  3. Trent 5000mAh External Battery to make it through a full day of heavy cell phone battery use.
  4. 25′ Power Extension Cord – Helps in boardrooms and restaurants.
  5. An outlet strip where the outlets run down the length so bulky power supplies don’t hog 2-4 outlets.
  6. A Sprint Mifi to provide Internet access on the road.
  7. Kensington Car Cradle, so I can turn my phone into a GPS and radio.
  8. A power inverter. It’s cheaper and better for turning a cigarette lighter’s power into usable A/C power compared to stocking up on car chargers. Get a 300W or higher.
  9. An iPod Touch – This is my alarm clock. And I catch up on long form articles via Instapaper on it.
  10. A Wide Angle Large Lens Canon Camera that takes the best shots of a portable camera that I’ve seen.
  11. Sandisk USB compatible SD Cards for easy transferring of images from my camera to computer.
  12. A dongle for my Macbook Pro so I can hook it up to projectors.
  13. Skullcandy Earbuds for listening to some tunes or watching a movie on a plane.
  14. A stereo cable so I can listen to podcasts via the AUX input while driving using my rental car’s stereo, or stream Pandora, and get GPS voice directions.
  15. A Keyspan presentation remote for PowerPointing my way around.
  16. A Gorillapod, for times when I want to take self-portraits or video, or really steady pictures.

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