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This is meant for friends, but I suppose it could be useful for anyone looking for suggestions.

The following is a list of products I personally use or have used and recommend. Here’s a list of what I carry in my briefcase.

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Apple MacBook Pro – It’s powerful, reliable, virus free, and comes with fun software like imovie and garageband.

Canon SD800 IS – Current high res shots of mine of Flickr are shot with this, including our Croatia trip. I recently upgraded from the Canon SD600, which took great pictures, but didn’t have the slightly wider angle lens and image stabilization. If you’re looking for something at a lower price point and don’t care as much about size, check out the Canon A550.

SanDisk 2 GB Ultra II SD Plus USB Card – The convenience of having a built-in USB card in this SD card is what makes this card so great. Slide it out of the camera, fold it in half, and plug it into any PC or Mac for easy transfer of photos to your computer. This avoids the need for an SD card reader. But if you’re into that scene here’s an option that I’ve used in the past:

Kingston SD Card & USB Reader – The SD card works in many popular digital cameras, my Treo, in digital printer, etc. The card reader uses USB to make it easy to transfer images to my computer. And it’s only like a dollar more than buying an SD card by itself.

Epson Picturemate Photo Printer – I held out on buying a photo printer because I didn’t think the quality was good enough to justify. That is until I saw this one last year. Beautiful 4×6 prints, easy to use. And it’s less than $100 now. Pretty sweet.

Palm Treo 700p SmartPhone – I’m a big fan or Treo phones. I think they have the best form factor of phones on the market today. The Palm OS is particularly easy to navigate. One exception: if you need need a Windows version in order to sync with your company’s contact software like Lotus Notes, get the Treo 700wx.

Garmin Nuvi 660 Car GPS System – I’m not a huge fan of GPS systems since I’m not all that navigationally impaired. However, I’ve used enough of them on road trips for work to say that the top Garmin models are the way to go. They’re small and travel well, and they actually say the road names you’re supposed to turn on. This may not seem like a big deal until you find yourself in an unfamiliar city at a 7-Corners style intersection. All of a sudden, it makes a lot of sense.

HP DeskJet 6940 Printer – I like my printers simply and specific. Thus the photo printer separate from the main printer. This printer does one thing well: 8.5 x 11″ paper in black & white or color. Printers are getting really cheap these days, but the ink prices can kill you. HP printers have fairly good size inkjet cartridges and they’re easy to find in stores and online for reasonable prices.

iPod Nano – I actually have a regular iPod right now, but will be buying a Nano as soon as my iPod dies. Why? Because my regular iPod WILL die soon due to normal wear and tear. They hard drives are simply not durable enough for things biking and other bumpy activities. The Nano has flash memory rather than a hard drive making it more durable.

Web Services

Flickr – It’s the place to store and share photos. The annual membership is cheap and makes it easier to upload large batches of photos.

Meebo – It’s a web based IM service that lets me chat using AIM, GTalk, MSN, and Yahoo all at once without installing any of the IM software.

Gmail – Large storage, fast search, and threaded conversations.

Google Reader – My favorite RSS reader. This replaces my former favorite, Bloglines, because it’s more powerful and has a better mobile version.




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  1. Would you ever consider endorsing local brews? If so, I nominate Surly Bender. Just a thought.

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