Here are a few definitions for The Deets. No, they’re not alphebatized*:

The Deets: The details. Come on, you didn’t know that?

Wilfare: Minnesota Vikings franchise owner, Zygi Wilf’s, ongoing request for hundreds of millions of dollars of corporate welfare from Minnesota taxpayers to subsidize his bottom line.

Print Spam: Unsolicited yellow pages deliveries from companies who think it’s valuable to continue to send phone books to people who no longer use them.

runmpls: Ed’s quest to run every street in Minneapolis. Started Feb 8, 2009

Jackalope: Refers to either the blog, Jackalope Ranch, or the person behind Jackalope Ranch known to The Deets readers as Mike N.

Shoefiti: shoes hanging from powerlines by their laces. Explained at

Shek: A climber, hiker, photographer, and eligible bachelor.

BenCredible: the oft-dormant blog of one Mr. Benjamin J. Higginbotham

Pulp in the Everglades: The dumping of excess pulp from pulp-free orange juice in the Everglades.

Flickr: the site used to host and post most of the photos on The Deets.

LoFo: Slang term for Lower-Longfellow, Minneapolis. Generally defined at the area South of Downtown Longfellow.

Lake-8: The area of the Longfellow neighborhood between Lake St & 38th St E. Considered the upper crust of Longfellow by one LoFo resident.

The Run Test: Going for after-work runs in a neighborhood to find out how livable a community it is. Trails, good lighting, and other runners tend to contribute to high run test scores.

Downtown Longfellow: Slang term describing the intersection of 42nd Ave S and 38th St E. Home to the Riverview Theater, Riverview Cafe, Riverview Wine Bar, and a place that sells overpriced Christmas trees.

Downtown NorthEast: An area of Minneapolis across the Mississippi River downtown centered on the new Lund’s grocery store / Cobalt Blue condominiums.

Camacho Watcho: The travel blog of one Mrs. Katie Jo Camacho Cannon.

Jucy Lucy: A delicious cheeseburger where the cheese is INSIDE the burger that originated in South Minneapolis. Find out more at Jucy Lucy Restaurants.

Ken Clark: A yellow pages industry consultant who writes a YP-focused environmental blog that makes fun of environmentalists.

Amy Healy: A yellow pages industry spokesperson who’s oft-repeated line is that the industry will self-regulate phone book delivery do not deliver programs – even as the industry demonstrably fails to do so.

@savethevikesorg: A grassroots organization of Vikings fans who like the Vikings enough to lobby for corporate welfare, but not enough to actually pay for a new stadium themselves.

* Alphabetized was intentionally spelled incorrectly for no good reason.

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  1. Just checked out your glossary* Is shoefetti intentionally missing or is it just too commomplace these days?

    *checked out for no good reason

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