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Poll: Top Names for PT-141

Following last night’s controversy over The Freets’ 2nd place finish in the Flak Radio Podcast PT-141 sexual enhancement spray renaming contest, I thought I’d open up the nominations to Deets readers to see what you think.


If you want to find out who Flak Radio picked or what The Freets’ almost winning submission was, check this post and comments.

The Freets was Robbed!

This week’s episode of Flak Radio includes the conclusion of the contest to name the nasally injected sexual enhancement drug currently known at PT-141.

The Freets came up with the perfect name for it: Spray & Lay

This week’s guest host, Andrea Myers, founder of the newly launched Reveille Magazine, voted for The Freets’ entry, but was shot down by Jim and Taylor who decided that one perfect name wasn’t as good as three less than perfect ones.

There are hanging chads all over this contest. I demand a recount!