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Dairy Queen Invading Downtown Stillwater

Stillwater’s historic downtown is home to a large variety of locally owned antique stores, restaurants, and bars. That’s a big part of the appeal of making the trip out there from the more urban areas of the Twin Cities.

Which makes me wonder how the heck they approved this new Dairy Queen on Main Street:

Stillwater Dairy Queen

Generally, this sort of thing ends up along Highway 36 next to Buffalo Wild Wings, Herbergers, Target, and other common chains.

Starbucks had a run in downtown Stillwater but eventually pulled out.

Will the DQ make it? Or will people support Leo’s Malt Shop directly across the street?

Fishing Stillwater’s Flooded Waters

St Croix River Flood Warning

The St Croix River is currently a few feet over its banks in downtown Stillwater, as it commonly is at this time of year. And, as usual, there is a sign warning people about the high water along the river paths that are currently unaccessible.

Or are they:

Fishing in Downtown Stillwater Flooded St Croix

This group of fishermen didn’t let the high water slow down their chance to wet a line.

Minnesota Zepher Rolls On

Bikers are going to have to wait a bit longer for a St. Paul to Stillwater trail connection.

The Minnesota Zepher dining train had been scheduled to make its last tour of Stillwater at the end of 2007. This included plans to convert the tracks into a trail that would take bikers, bladers and runners in and out of downtown Stillwater in a Northwest direction that would eventually connect with the Gateway trail, which goes to St. Paul.

The Parks and Trails Council had been working with Paradeau, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Washington County to purchase the 5.9-mile railway and add it to a regional trail system that includes the nearby Gateway Trail. However, talks were suspended earlier this month after the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) chose not to recommend to the Legislature a $4 million proposal to buy the tracks and surrounding land.

If you’re sitting on $4 million, this would be a great opportunity to make an incredible gift that supports healthy lifestyles.

Stilwater’s Gondola Ride Has a 100% Proposal Success Record

In a story WCCO’s Bill Hudson did on a gondola (the water kind) service, the gondolier mentions having a 100% success record on engagements from proposals (over 100 of them) aboard the boat:

There’s a special beauty on the river near Stillwater, Minn. that’s best seen by boat. It’s a place where some boats make it even more special because the vessels themselves are so lovely and rare.

Frankly, I’ve never heard of a gondola service in Stillwater. Luckily, that didn’t stop me from closing the deal with Carly.

The gondola service is called Gondola Romantica, so they have a name to live up to.

High End Home Sales in the Twin Cities

Alex Stenbeck has a list of recent high-end sold homes on his site worth check out if you’re into that sort of thing. Here are two (both condos) that stood out to me:

High Dollar Homes, On the Record: Top Twin Cities Residential Sales

  • 370 Marshall Ave # 605, St. Paul , Residential. Buy: Jack Weatherford & Margery Pearce, Sell: Cathedral Hll Neighbor Redev L. PP: $1,582,681. DP: $1,582,681.
  • 350 N Main St # 320, Stillwater , Residential. Buy: Mark Harrold & Susan Harrold, Sell: Four Star Land Development Of. PP: $1,406,004. DP: $1,406,004.

Marshall Ave has sure turned around since Flory and I lived just a few doors from that address back in 1999-2000.

Stillwater’s new developments downtown seem to be moving fast. Google’s maps are way out of date for Stillwater, where tons of new condos line Main St rather than empty lots.

The Secret Sauce for Stillwater’s Milers

Bruce Brothers had an update on the Stillwater running factory in his Sunday column, generating some more Watson ink:

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 03/04/2007 | Inspiring results from Team USA and local high schools

Scott Christensen, the coach at Stillwater High School, sends along information that the Ponies are one of 19 prep teams that have produced at least two sub-4 minute milers, led by Eugene, Ore., South with four.

Stillwater is closing in on three. Jake Watson, a junior at Notre Dame, recently ran 4:00.71. If he breaks 4:00, Stillwater will become No. 2 on the listings with three, according to Marc Bloom and John Sillivan at the Harrier in New Jersey.

And three additional former Ponies runners have a shot at joining the club, which already includes former Ponies Luke Watson and Sean Graham, according to Christensen: Ben Blankenship at Mississippi State, Andy Tate at Kansas University and Chris Boldts, still a senior at Stillwater.

“It’s pretty cool,” Christensen said.

He said his program’s success feeds on itself.

“The biggest thing is, once you’ve had a kid from down the street or from your school do it,” he said, “it doesn’t seem so hard to do.”

In my opinion, the secret sauce at Stillwater has been the pasta parties thrown by Corrine Watson. It will be interesting to see if Stillwater can keep the mile dominance alive without pasta parties at the Watson household now that all Watson have graduated.

Will Tate step up and join the sub-4:00 crowd?