St Paul Rollerblade Marathon in August

Paul Jahn says he’s doing the St Paul Rollerblade Marathon (technically called the St Paul Inline Marathon, but I’m old skool). He suggested that I should do it too over beers at Maxell’s.

I’m interested, but damn, I need to get out on the blades if this is going to be fun.

And check out the winning times. 23MPH average for 26.2 miles for a 1:08:15? That’s ridiculous.

And the top 12 finishers were within 8.8 seconds of each other? Dude!

Rename Ford Parkway after Ronald Reagan?

Just doing my part to fan the flames of City Hall Scoop’s rumor on a plan to rename Ford Parkway after the former president, Ronald Reagan:

Coming to Highland: Ronald Reagan Blvd.?

Poulos played down the partisan nature of the coup this week. He’d heard the rumors, he acknowledged, that he and his fellow travelers were secretly plotting to have Ford Parkway renamed Ronald Reagan Boulevard after the eponymous car company pulls out next year.

“I heard that and just laughed,” Poulos said. “I think it’s just an example of the hysteria out there.”

He can’t speak for the other Republicans elected to the HDC last month, he said, but commemorating the conservative hero in St. Paul “isn’t on my agenda… We’d like to fix an intersection or two, get some potholes filled and get the council to take itself more seriously,” he said.

Will “The Freets” drive on Ronald Reagan Parkway to get to Noodle’s or the Highland Park Grill?

I’m pretty sure Reagan is my favorite president to serve in the 80’s. Only because he killed less people than George H. W. Bush (41). However, some would argue that King George the First actually did the bulk of his killing in the 90’s, making his kill rate less than Reagan’s in the 80’s. What should be made of that?

High End Home Sales in the Twin Cities

Alex Stenbeck has a list of recent high-end sold homes on his site worth check out if you’re into that sort of thing. Here are two (both condos) that stood out to me:

High Dollar Homes, On the Record: Top Twin Cities Residential Sales

  • 370 Marshall Ave # 605, St. Paul , Residential. Buy: Jack Weatherford & Margery Pearce, Sell: Cathedral Hll Neighbor Redev L. PP: $1,582,681. DP: $1,582,681.
  • 350 N Main St # 320, Stillwater , Residential. Buy: Mark Harrold & Susan Harrold, Sell: Four Star Land Development Of. PP: $1,406,004. DP: $1,406,004.

Marshall Ave has sure turned around since Flory and I lived just a few doors from that address back in 1999-2000.

Stillwater’s new developments downtown seem to be moving fast. Google’s maps are way out of date for Stillwater, where tons of new condos line Main St rather than empty lots.

Farmers Market Flats in St. Paul Sounds Cool

Teresa Boardman has the goods on the new Farmers Market Flats going up next to the St. Paul Farmers Market (duh). District Energy heating and a year-round indoor farmers market both sound cool:

St. Paul Real Estate: Famers Market Flats

  • A year-round, indoor Saint Paul Farmer’s Market on the street level of the building, complete with room to showcase products from more than 160 area growers and producers and demonstration space to involve customers in the experience.
  • Heating and cooling by District Energy, which provides community energy services utilizing biomass and other environmentally friendly practices.

Will people take the source of a building’s energy into consideration when buying? I suppose some will from an eco standpoint. Does me make sense financially?

St Paul Copper Thieves

Here’s an interesting perspective on copper theft from bank-owned properties in St. Paul:

Real Estate Snippets: Missing Copper

Of the 10 bank owned St. Paul properties I previewed for an investor today, 3 were completely stripped of their copper. One was so thoroughly stripped that the Romex wiring was gone as well. One of the houses had “recently had a break-in” according to the listing agent. No mention was made of missing copper!

There has to be an easier way to make a living than stripping copper out of empty houses. Right?

Reetsyburger’s Take on the St. Paul Curling Club

Marie Martin has a fun post about her experience at the St. Paul Curling Club:

Curling is Cool and Cold but not Especially Hot

Curlers are serious about their sport. I heard many skips screaming “SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP!” as sweepers damn near gave themselves curling elbow.

Curlers don’t wear sexy outfits.

When Kirk of All Four Seasons has talked up curling to me, he’s focused more on the strategery and drinking aspects of the game. While both interest me, screaming, “SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP!” at Kirk sounds kinda fun too.

Healthy Breakfasts in the Twin Cities has a great breakdown of healthy Twin Cities breakfast options via Peter Kastler of

Breakfast special: Hold the grease! –

But if you are looking for a healthier start to the morning, there are several options around the Twin Cities that will fill you up without toppling your nutritional pyramid. Here are a few that are worth a visit.

Trotters, Birchwood, Moose & Sadie’s, of course. I’d rank them Birchwood, Trotters

My only disappointment is that I’d already discovered almost every place on the list. I was hoping there were more gems out fitting into this category.

Which of the restaurants mentioned is your favorite place for a healthy breakfast?


Costello’s Shooting Sounds Sketchy

There was a shooting yesterday (very late Wednesday night) at Costello’s on Selby near Western Ave. Flory lives right across the street from the place, and I used to live with Matt two blocks North of there on Marshall. This is NOT what I’d expect to hear about that area of St. Paul. This quote is particularly interesting from the story: – Man Injured In St. Paul Bar Shooting

“The victim was taken to regions hospital and investigators said he’s being uncooperative with police.”

Put that together with the gunman shooting the guy in the ass and legs, and it sounds like a gang related shooting to me. A non-random act of violence.

The victim clearly knows the shooter or knows who sent the shooter. Why else would someone who’s been shot not be willing to cooperate with investigators?

Blue Plate Restaurants

The Star Tribune has a write-up of Blue Plate Restaurants today. You know, the folks behind the Highland, Longfellow, and Edina Grills, and the Groveland Tap.

Blue Plate finding special niche in Twin Cities restaurant scene

The roster now includes the Highland Grill and Groveland Tap in St. Paul, the Longfellow Grill in Minneapolis and the Edina Grill on France Avenue near W. 50th St. There are plans to open two more stores in the next two years, Burley said.

The combination of higher-scale menus paired with a concept that successfully offers breakfast, lunch and dinner along with bar service makes Blue Plate a rarity in the business, said David Kristal, CEO of the Embers and Joey’s restaurant franchising companies.

I know Fritz is a big fan of Highland. Carly and I are partial to Longfellow. I could see Matt leaning toward the Groveland Tap.

Let’s find out which one tops the list among readers of The Deets.