Croatia Vacation Slideshow

I know some of you have already checked out our vacation photos, but if you haven’t and are into that sort of thing, here’s your chance.

You can adjust the speed along the top of the show and jump around in the footer. The show moves backwards from the Detroit Airport, Amsterdam for a few days, Dubrovnik, Mjilet, Montenegro, Dubrobnik, Ljubljana, Bled, Ljubljana, Zagreb, or something like that.

Created with Paul’s flickrSLiDR.

By the way, if you’re a friend of mine on Flickr, you can add tags to photos. Aaron and Kenneth help me out with this from time to time and I really like it. If you know a good keyword or two that help describe a photo, try adding them on the right column of the photo’s Flickr page. But first, you need to be my Flickr friend.

Croatia and Slovenia Update

Um, it is like reallz nice over here, but thez put the z and the y in opposite spots on the kezboard so itćs tough to tzpe. Thez also put the apostrophe somewhere where I canćt find it.

Ićd upload a photo or two, but the generic Windows XP computer at the Dubrovnik Internet Centar doesnćt recogniye mz USB chip. Talk about roughing it, eh_ Oh, and the question mark is moved too! How do people live like this_

Slovenia has some not-so-beautiful communist architecture in places, and some incrediblz beautiful cities at the other extreme. Weird. Zoućll just have to take mz word for it for now.

And zes, I could simplz learn to tzpe yćs instead of zćs whenever I need a y or a z, but then Ićd have to unleard what I onlz need to know for less than a week. Thatćs waz too much work. If zou have a problem with it, zoućve alreadz probablz stopped reading, so I can saz, ĆScrew ZouĆ to zou without zou even knowing.