Pork Producers Hate Lactating Women

This is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve read all day, and that’s saying a lot:

National Pork Board Needs to Back Off » Online Marketing Blog

Jennifer has a site called The Lactivist from which she has some silly shirts for sale. One of which says, “the other white milk.” Apparently this is to be construed as a violation of the Pork industry’s slogan, “the other white meat”. Apparently the NPB has no sense of humor and no insight into things like “fair use” (tip Jason Lee Miller).

I’ve met Jennifer as search engine marketing conferences in the past. Yes, there is a spin off from the Pork industry’s trademark going on here, but is there confusion? Of course not.

30-Day Challenges: 30 Days of Pork?

Carly and I are planning a series of 30-day challenges in 2007. It seems like a long enough time to challenge oneself to some form of life-changing habit, but tolerably long for those that turn out to suck. For example, Carly and I just wrapped up 30 days without soda, which was surprisingly easy. Chances are pretty good that I won’t go back to drinking anywhere near the soda I drank before (~6 cans a day).

We haven’t decided what 30-day challenges we’re going to try yet, but have some ideas. Somehow, I don’t think this one will make the list for Carly:

Serious Eats: 30 Days of Pork

Amanda Kelso was a 12-year veteran of vegetarianism when she went AWOL. She blames pork. “Bacon was a temptress to me,” she says in her 30 Days of Pork series on photo-sharing site Flickr.

Bacon is a temptress for me too. Just last Friday I enjoyed bacon wrapped little wieners. What a delicacy of pork-on-pork goodness those are.

What would you recommend for 30-day challenges? The theme is to do lifestyle improving things, so things like dining choices, exercise goals, friendship related, etc., are what we have in mind. Any thoughts?