Fashion: “Pooh Style” Reaches SNL

I’ve written before about the phenomenon known as “Pooh Style” where people – especially men – are seen wearing a shirt but no pants. It’s not a pretty sight. My first encounter with the term for this came on Jackalope’s blog back in ’06 when he recalled a grotesque locker room scene:

He put everything on but his pants and skivvies. He had his socks, shirts, winter jacket, and backpack on, but was still bare-assed. There is a universal order to how we all get dressed for a reason. It was both one of the funniest and most horrifying things I have seen.

A year later, it was still on Kirk’s mind, causing him to post an unfortunate thought about people playing tennis pooh style.

Imagine if the shirt just covered the privies. You throw up the ball for the serve and voila… You lunge for a ball, voila!

No Kirk. I don’t want to imagine that.

PizzaMan even had to deal with a pooh-style delivery challenge. Not good.

And now, as BenCredible and Cariann both pointed out to me, Saturday Night Live has taken on the issue with a musical tribute to, “The Best Look in the World.”

Will it ever end?

PizzaMan Has Encounter with Pooh-Style Pizza Lover

I have to agree with the Pizza Man on this one: morbid obesity may outweigh obscenity at times.

Pizza Man – It’s Springtime… and the crazies start calling

The old man who answered the door wearing nothing but a t-shirt that was two sizes too small.

This morbidly obese dude opened the door to reveal his Jabba-like bod clad in a tiny t-shirt that only covered his man-boobs. He smiled at me with his yellow, severely fucked-up teeth and started breathing heavily. Although I was totally grossed out, I smiled back and asked for the payment. He turned around to grab the cash off his kitchen counter, revealing his massive cottage-cheese ass in the process. Seriously people, this guy’s ass was gigantic.
I took the money, thanked him (he tipped rather well) and split.

I thanked God above that this guy was fat, for his gut was so big and hung down so low that it covered his junk.

Praise Jesus.

Being pooh-style, I have to wonder if honey was one of the toppings on the pizza lover’s pizza.

Pooh-Style Concept Catching On

I brought up the concept of pooh-style at a blogger party tonight at the Bellagio, where it spread like a virus. Irina Slutsky, a video blogger from the Bay Area at was particularly intrigued by this concept and set a midnight pooh style policy where all the guys at the bloghaus would have to go pooh-style at the stroke of midnight.

I crap you negative: we left at 11:59.

Irina very well networked on the West Coast, so expect to be able to throw around the term “Pooh-style” without qualification on your next trip to SFO.

Here’s a link to some recent work by Irina that she’s particularly proud of.

For those behind on the pooh-style phenomenon, check this out.