The Most Important Pizza Ingredient

The square cut vs. pie cut pizza slice post from last month raised a ruckus. Regular slices took down squares by a 2:1 margin, and the ability to hold the slice without getting fingers cheesy or saucy appear to be contributing factors.

But then Mike N. jumped into the comments with this nugget after abstaining from voting on this important issue:

Actually, I think the type of cut in a pizza is one of many variables. The cheese to sauce to topping ratio, flavor of the sauce, speed of delivery, size of each topping (i.e. Parkway’s tomato slices are discs–not diced), and crust flavor are all more important.

Debating slice shape is like debating which President would make the best fishing buddy.

Point taken, Mike N. So, let’s see if we can determine which ingredient that goes into making a pizza has the largest impact on your perceived outcome. Is it a perfect crust? A delicious sauce? Just the right amount of cheese? Or does it really come down to what’s on top?

Take your time with this one. There is a lot to thing about here.



Interesting Presidential Candidate Poll Tracking site

Here’s a site that aggregates the poll results for the presidential election (only 16 months away!):

Real Clear Politics

It’s interesting to see Gore polling ahead of Edwards when Gore hasn’t shown an interest in running.

Could we end up with a NY vs. NY battle of Clinton vs. Giuliani?

via eJabs

Healthy Breakfasts in the Twin Cities has a great breakdown of healthy Twin Cities breakfast options via Peter Kastler of

Breakfast special: Hold the grease! –

But if you are looking for a healthier start to the morning, there are several options around the Twin Cities that will fill you up without toppling your nutritional pyramid. Here are a few that are worth a visit.

Trotters, Birchwood, Moose & Sadie’s, of course. I’d rank them Birchwood, Trotters

My only disappointment is that I’d already discovered almost every place on the list. I was hoping there were more gems out fitting into this category.

Which of the restaurants mentioned is your favorite place for a healthy breakfast?