Best Local Pizza by the Slice

The Twin Cities group on LiveJournal has a thread going on where to find the best pizza by the slice in Minneapolis. Interesting topic.

As you might imagine, Pizza Luce is getting a lot of love. Cossetta’s is leading among St Paul options. Personally, I like both. Cossetta’s can have a long wait, although the wait for pizza is generally faster than the wait for pasta during busy times.

Do you have a preference?

The Most Important Pizza Ingredient

The square cut vs. pie cut pizza slice post from last month raised a ruckus. Regular slices took down squares by a 2:1 margin, and the ability to hold the slice without getting fingers cheesy or saucy appear to be contributing factors.

But then Mike N. jumped into the comments with this nugget after abstaining from voting on this important issue:

Actually, I think the type of cut in a pizza is one of many variables. The cheese to sauce to topping ratio, flavor of the sauce, speed of delivery, size of each topping (i.e. Parkway’s tomato slices are discs–not diced), and crust flavor are all more important.

Debating slice shape is like debating which President would make the best fishing buddy.

Point taken, Mike N. So, let’s see if we can determine which ingredient that goes into making a pizza has the largest impact on your perceived outcome. Is it a perfect crust? A delicious sauce? Just the right amount of cheese? Or does it really come down to what’s on top?

Take your time with this one. There is a lot to thing about here.



Square Sliced Pizza vs Regular Slices

The Parkway Pizza vs Pizza Luce post from last week brought out some passionate comments on the advantages and disadvantages of square sliced pizza.

photo credit: rick


Photo by Aaron Landry

Let’s see if we can settle this square slice vs. regular slice pizza slice debate. Or at least quantify where people stand so we know how to order for our next pizza party.



BTW, that random letter ‘n’ above the poll is a little bug I’ve found in some combination of WP 2.5 and Democracy Poll 2.0.1.

Parkway Pizza vs Pizza Luce

An interesting experiment was conducted on Thursday night. Pizzas from two different local (Longfellow & Seward) pizza shops were ordered to a party I attended: Parkway Pizza and Pizza Luce from the Seward (Franklin Ave) location.

Which pizza was consumed first? Here are the results:

Parkway Pizza vs Pizza Luce

Which is which? Parkway was on the left. Luce on the right.

One major difference was the slicing style. We took a vote among the dozen or so people attending the party and found that all but one preferred square-cut pizza. Can the way a pizza is cut have a significant influence over consumer’s taste? Perhaps.

It’s worth noting that the above photo was taken after someone grabbed two slices from the right side Pizza Luce pizzas, which means that the competition was more lopsided than it appears in the photo.

Mapping Aaron Landry’s Pizza Blogging

Have you ever noticed that Aaron Landry likes to blog about pizza?

I enjoy it, but realized today that I wished he had a map of the places he’s blogged about so I could find places nearby worth checking out.

So I put one together. Here is the local view:

View Larger Map

Aaron’s taken things national a couple times, so you can zoom out a few times on that map to find his Kentucky and DC contributions as well.

Square Cut vs. Pie Sliced Pizza

Square Cut Pizza, originally uploaded by edkohler.

“The Mrs.” prefers square-cut pizza, like this beautiful Jack’s Cheese pizza we’re enjoying for lunch.

Personally, I’m a slice shape flip-flopper. I like the utility of pie slices since they’re easier to eat without getting your fingers dirty. But there is something special about the corner slices found on a square-sliced pizza.