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2007 30-Day Challenges

I mentioned previously that Carly and I are going to do 30-day challenges in 2007. It turns out that was no BS. Here’s a breakdown of the first 6 months goals:

2007 30-Day Challenges

The early morning wake-ups will coincide with early morning trips to the gym. It will be good to see the folks back at the gym again. Is Jan 1st the busiest gym day of the year? If not, is it the 2nd of Jan?

I face two big challenges with the no-alcohol month in January: a trip to Las Vegas and Broomball season. It’s not clear which one’s more enabling. Friday’s our season opener for broomball, so that will be the first big test. Oh, and Carly wants to take a wine tasting course around the 25th.

Nichole Ritchie?Carly thinks I’m going to lose a lot of weight by booze out of my diet for a month. Maybe I should have picked up these Nichole Ritchie style sunglasses in Miami?