Hennepin County Foreclosures Mapped – July

I’ve been playing around with Google Spreadsheet’s Gadgets feature and have found if pretty darn easy to use. For example, I copy/pasted last month’s foreclosure data from Hennepin County into a spreadsheet, selected the column with the addresses of the foreclosures, then created a gadget using that data in around 3 minutes:

If you have some address data you’d like to plot, give this a try. You can also do heat maps just as easily.

Pop vs. Soda Map

Cariann sent over this Pop vs Soda map. It’s based on a survey where people first say where they’re from, and are then asked to describe what term they use to describe pop (or soda, Coke, etc).

Pop vs Soda Soft Drink Survey

I imagine people tend to use the term they grew up with except when it’s a burden to stick with your roots after relocating to a different area of the country where people think you’re weird for calling pop “pop.”

Pre-Interstate Highways in Minneapolis

Shek has a cool map at his place of the Twin Cities from before the interstates were built:


Looking closer, you can see where the projected routes for I-94 and I-35W were dashed into the map:

Downtown Minneapolis 1963?

A close look by my house shows 47th Avenue S running through to 32nd. I don’t know the history of that well, but I believe Minnehaha Academy managed to acquire that street for additional parking and to connect their soccer field to their campus.

Take a look at the lower-left corner of the first map. No 494 and no Eden Prairie. The Crosstown stopped around Edina.

If you click on the pictures, you can see larger views on Flickr. But if you really want to see the map, talk to Shek.