Why Was The Brackett Rocket Removed in the First Place?

When I read the following snippet from Building Minnesota’s article on the return of the Brackett Rocket, I thought, “Was Cara Letofsky’s daughter’s head responsible for the removal of the rocket from Brackett Park?

The return of the Brackett Park rocket

“Two summers ago, Cara Letofsky’s daughter managed to get her head stuck in between the vertical slats on the rocket’s third level.

“”She freaked,” Letofsky said.

“Letofsky, who was pregnant at the time, couldn’t squeeze through the 15-inch openings between levels. However, she had the foresight to have another adult follow her two-year-old up the rocket. That person unlodged the young girl, who wasn’t injured.”

I’ve mentioned before that other kids have gotten their heads stuck in the rocket and have grown up to become healthy adults.

So, what was the real motivation for the change?

Amber’s Keepin’ It Real with the Youth of America

An awesome life lesson from Amber:

An Amber-Colored Life: “Hey baby, wanna poop?”

Right now we’re working on social skills with him, and one of the facets of this is giving compliments. We talk to him about how, if you say something nice to someone, they’ll usually say something nice back to you. So the other day he walks up to me with his therapist and says, “Amber, your shirt is pretty cool today.”

I looked at him, shrugged one of my shoulders, and said, “Yeah, it is pretty cool, isn’t it?”

“You’re supposed to say that my shirt is cool, too.” he replied, scrunching up his little chubby face.

“But I don’t wanna say that your shirt is cool, too,” I teased, “‘Cause mine is way cooler and that’s just the way it is.”

“Say it!” he started yelling. “Say my shirt is cool, too!”

“Nope. I gotta go now, buddy. Talk to you later.” I replied, as I walked away and he continued to yell at me to tell him that his shirt was cool. Sometimes you just gotta keep it real.

I hope he isn’t scarred for life.

Wow-Factor Photos on Flickr

Flying Dallin, originally uploaded by zelph.

One of my favorite photo pools on Flickr is the WOW! pool where only photos with a WOW! factor are supposed to be contributed. While that’s a fairly subjective thing (cats? please), there really are some gems. Some of the most impressive photos to me come from places I’ve never seen before, such as exotic beaches, hiking trails, and small cities around the world.

You can subscribe to a pool’s photos by adding the RSS feed URL found at the bottom of each pool’s page.

Cute kid photos are a really questionable submission, but flying kids have serious WOW! factor.

Another interesting feed is photos tagged with the term Minneapolis. Photos of cool stuff going on around town come directly to me in Bloglines through this feed. Cool stuff.