Buster’s on 28th Juicy Lucy Review

Following up on yesterday’s post about Buster’s on 28th’s mystery location, the new restaurant was found on 28th Ave S in South Minneapolis.

The local blogosphere was abuzz yesterday about the launch of Buster’s, so I had to get in on the action too. I found a Juicy Lucy on the menu on the website, so I knew what I was after.

And here’s what showed up:

Buster's On 28th Juicy Lucy

I consider myself to be a bit of a Juicy Lucy (and Jucy Lucy) aficionado, so I immediately recognized an obvious problem with this particular Lucy. In fact, it probably doesn’t take a trained eye to pick out the issue here: The cheese was on the outside of the burger. Some restaurants would refer to this as a cheeseburger.

Of course, it could be some form of double-cheese Lucy where there is cheese both outside and inside the burger, so I dug in:

Buster's On 28th Juicy Lucy

But could not locate tell-tale signs of a proper Lucy classification: burned tongue, molten lava-like oozing cheese, burning wrist and forearm from Lucy blow-out, etc.

Other than the fact that this wasn’t a Lucy, it was a delicious burger. They just need to find a new name for it on the menu.

Since Aaron beat me to the punch by posting last night about last night, I’m trying to one-up him with this little highlight reel:

As Aaron pointed out, Buster’s is a “sister” or the Happy Gnome in St. Paul, although I question whether the term “sister” is an appropriate gender for either establishment.

Max started a post regarding opening night restaurant blogging over on MNSpeak, which turned into a bit of a bitch-fest about how stupid amateur restaurant blogging is. Basically, if you’ve read this far, you’re stupid in the opinion of anonymous commenters. I hope that doesn’t ruin your day.

You’ll just have to a few more weeks for a professional review without photos, videos, comments, and links to other reviews.

Wildfire Jucy Lucy Disappoints

Wildfire Jucy Lucy Disappoints, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I was surprised to find a Jucy Lucy on the specials menu at Wildfire today. Obviously, I had to try it.

It was hiding under the name “Stuffed Peppercorn White Cheddar Burger.”

My first realization that things weren’t going to go we’ll was when they asked how it should be cooked. Um, Jucy’s are either done or now done.

It had cooked onions, sesame seed bun, lettuce, and tomatoes.

The Lucy showed up ruptured, so they didn’t manage to deliver the goods. It was also slightly burnt.

Would I get it again? Nope. But I do have to give Wildfire credit for trying.

Jucy Lucy vs. Juicy Lucy

Before continuing my Jucy Lucy expose, I’d like to clear one thing up: The Jucy Lucy is spelled J-U-C-Y L-U-C-Y.

See an “I” there? I didn’t think so. However, there has been precedent set for including an “I” by Dara Moskowitz, who managed to misspell Jucy Lucy throughout a 1998 article on said burger in a 1998 CityPages article.

Jucy Lucy

For those of you who are entirely lost at this point, notice the cheese oozing from the MIDDLE of the above burger. THAT’S a Jucy Lucy. Cheese in the middle of the burger. Get it now? If not, move on.
Additionally, it’s worth noting that Wikipedia had a debate about whether the Jucy Lucy should be sub-categorized under Cheeseburger, but to date this has not happened. It’s kind of like the marsupial of cheeseburgers, where cheeseburgers formed their own species after the break-up of Pangaea.