Nudie and Running Magazine Audiences

Jackalope Ranch raises an interesting question about the subtle differences between two popular nudie and running magazines mid-“Who buys nudie magazines at airports?” rant:

“And part of my routine is to marvel over all the selections and how one goes about choosing one magazine over another. Are the differences between Playboy and Penthouse as subtle and nuanced as the differences between Running Times and Runner’s World (or Newsweek vs. Time)?”

I think the answer is obvious and Jackalope is either showing or feining ignorance on this one. Here is how it breaks down:
Playboy is to Runner’s World as Penthouse is to Running Times. Same basic topic but the latter in both cases caters to a slightly more hardcore audience.

States I’ve Visited

I found a fun little tool over at Top Five and Then Some via Jackalope Ranch that maps out the states I’ve visited. Oddly, one state that stands out is Jackalope’s controversial home-state of Texas:

I’ve been to Texas many times if you count airport layovers in Dallas and Houston, but I don’t play like that. However, I this did make me realize that I have not set a concrete definition of what it means to visit a state. Feedback welcome.

For those counting, the 12 I’m missing are, NM, TX, OK, LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, DE, MD, and RI.

Just how I should go about knocking off the last 12 is yet to be determined. Maybe a bike tour from New Orleans to Hilton Head to take out the Southeast? Hiking trip in Taos? A visit to the Crawford Ranch? What are the must-see things in my unseen states?

I’m Big in South Minneapolis

While I’ve previously reported that I’m big in Minnesota, that’s nothing compared to being big in South Minneapolis. Imagine my excitement when I found out that a Longfellow blog, Jackalope Ranch, added a link to The Deets.

It’s worth noting that while Mike of JR and I both live in the Longfellow neighborhood, we are not neighbors. Mike resides in SoLo, aka. South Longfellow, while I’m in NoLo. Or am I in NoLo? Heck, I can’t remember. I believe the terms were coined by Mike, so maybe he can explain in the comments or on Jackalope Ranch.

Jackalope Ranch may seem like a strange name for a blog based in Minneapolis. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a jackalope running across the street in South Minneapolis. It’s rare to even find one mounted above the mantel in a South Minneapolis bungalow. It turns out that Mike’s some kind of transient who once drank a Lone Star while watching a Spurs game, so considers himself Texan. At least, that’s my one sentence explanation.