TP: Comfort Suites Des Moines, Iowa


Brian captured this fascinating TP shot at a Comfort Suites in Des Moines, Iowa. While the balance of the fold may be the first thing you notice, a commenter on this photo at Flickr, herecomesanothersongaboutmexico, nailed the larger issue:

So this sends the message: “We’re classy AND frugal.”

Exactly. Especially considering that this is a single-roll setup. Scary.

Living History Farms CC Race in Iowa

Shek has hyping up a cross country running race that’s coming up in Iowa called the Living History Farms Cross Country Race.

The name of the race doesn’t get me too excited, but the “Common Questions” – what one might refer to as their FAQ – looks awesome:

Common Questions:

Will it be cold? Probably!

Will I get wet? Probably!

Will I get dirty? Probably!

Do I need gloves? Yes!

Exactly how far is it? 7 miles

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a 7-mile PR. That may make it worth the trip.

Then there is this photo, proving that this isn’t your some kind of glorified road race kind of cross country race:

Living History Farms CC Race

Now I’m interested.

Iowa’s Late to the College Naming Sell-Out Game

The Hawkeyes are considering selling the name of their College of Public Health to Blue Cross for $15.

College sees dollar signs on its sign

The University of Iowa is considering whether to rename its College of Public Health after Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s foundation in exchange for a $15 million gift from the company’s philanthropic arm. Terry Burton, a naming-rights consultant based in Vancouver, British Columbia, says he believes Iowa would be the first public university to name a college after a corporation.

The offer has ignited a debate over where universities should draw the line when accepting corporate gifts.

A corporate name on a school could undermine the independence of researchers and create other conflicts, some educators say. Others see little reason to build a wall around academia.

That consultant from Iowa is way off on this being the first case. Look no further than the Carlson School of Management at the U. Some may say it’s named after Curt Carlson but this is the buy who named his company Carlson Companies, so was the school named after him or his company? Did he do it to promote himself or his company?

I’m sure there is a plaque or something around CSoM that makes it sound like it was named after the man rather than the company, but that was done simply to avoid the headlines Iowa’s getting for their efforts. Why don’t they simply get Trump to kick up some cash to they can play the CSoM game?

Iowa Kicks Ass? Yes, According to Jackalope

Mike N. lays down a case for why Iowa’s not that bad:

Jackalope Ranch

What is my favorite state that isn’t where I grew up and where I live now?

And it’s actually a no-brainer. IOWA. Now maybe this state should be disqualified since that’s where I went to college. And I did live in Iowa City for two years after that.

However, I can list 100 reasons, easily as to why Iowa kicks ass. Don’t worry, I won’t. But from the Hawkeye cheer at football games (one side cheers, “I!” the other shouts “O!” and the end zones shout “WA!”) to Secret Pizza, the Amana Colonies, and the replica of the Star Trek Enterprise in Riverside, I-O-WA gets my vote. Oh yeah, and I left out the now defunct Dr. Brown’s Cookies–fresh-baked cookies delivered to your house a la Domino’s.

I’m curious to find out more about these Dr. Brown’s Cookies. Do they deliver to Minneapolis?

U of Iowa to Go Smoke Free?

The Times-Republican is reporting that the U of Iowa may be the first Big-10 school to go smoke free:

Taking a cigarette break at the University of Iowa could mean hopping in a car and driving off the 1,900-acre campus under a plan headed for the school’s president.

The proposed smoking ban could make Iowa the first major, public university to go entirely smoke free.

A couple non-smoking alumns looked like this upon hearing the news:

Iowa Fans

This gives the Hawkeyes a talon up over the Cyclones in my book.