Hotel Shampoo

When it comes to hotel shampoos, hotels seem to generally offer upscale brands. Perhaps they get a deal from shampoo companies who see hotels as a great marketing opportunity? Not sure. All I know is they generally stock stuff that is not referred to as “product” by hair salons.
But this week, the hotel I stayed at had White Rain shampoo, which is certainly not considered top-shelf. In fact, if shelves went below ground level in stores, that’s probably where White Rain would be shelved.

Given no choice, I lathered, rinsed, & repeated (except for the repeat part) with White Rain. Imagine my surprise when my hair looked as awesome as usual, if not more! Here’s a shot of Ben raving about my White Rain treated bouffant:


Damn, my hair looks great.

Around 20 hours after the above photo was taken, and after one treatment with my usual home shampoo, here’s Ben’s take documented on a camera phone:

So, while I’m a White Rain convert, actually bringing White Rain into the Kohler household may be a difficult task. Some household members may suggest that I’m not much of an authority on soap related matters, which is ironic considering that I worked for a soap company for three years. More as this story develops . . .