That’s Not a Hair Question

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This cracks me up. A guerrilla market strategy of putting Aqua Teen Hunger Force lite-brite logos around Boston led to the guys above being arrested. Check out the press conference that followed after their lawyer advised them not to speak about the case. Listen for the questions from the reporters as they grow more and more frustrated.

The same thing was done in other cities around the USA without causing a wide-spread panic.

via CrooksAndLiars.

Hotel Shampoo

When it comes to hotel shampoos, hotels seem to generally offer upscale brands. Perhaps they get a deal from shampoo companies who see hotels as a great marketing opportunity? Not sure. All I know is they generally stock stuff that is not referred to as “product” by hair salons.
But this week, the hotel I stayed at had White Rain shampoo, which is certainly not considered top-shelf. In fact, if shelves went below ground level in stores, that’s probably where White Rain would be shelved.

Given no choice, I lathered, rinsed, & repeated (except for the repeat part) with White Rain. Imagine my surprise when my hair looked as awesome as usual, if not more! Here’s a shot of Ben raving about my White Rain treated bouffant:


Damn, my hair looks great.

Around 20 hours after the above photo was taken, and after one treatment with my usual home shampoo, here’s Ben’s take documented on a camera phone:

So, while I’m a White Rain convert, actually bringing White Rain into the Kohler household may be a difficult task. Some household members may suggest that I’m not much of an authority on soap related matters, which is ironic considering that I worked for a soap company for three years. More as this story develops . . .