Clinical Grandma’s Marathon Chatter

I’ve run 5 marathons, know a LOT of marathoners, yet have never heard of something as strange as what Overheard in Minneapolis uncovered at Grandma’s Marathon this year. You’ve been warned:

What Happens in Minneapolis… Goes on the Internet.

Guy #1: So, did you feel like you were going to poop your pants when you were running?

Guy #2: Huh? Noooooo. (Laughing) Why?

Guy #1: Well, they say people who run marathons sometimes crap themselves.

Guy #2’s girlfriend: Nah, he did an emema last night!! (laughing)

Guy #2: WHAT?? Why would you say that? Why are you trying to “out” me?

Guy #1: HA HA HA! You used “ass douche”!! You’re an ass doucher!! Ass doucher, ass doucher! That’s your new nickname…ASS DOUCHER!!!

Guy #2: I can’t believe you outed me. You’re not getting any tonight.

Girlfriend:That’s ok, you’d rather do it to your ass douche!

I must say that Guy #2 was in no position to be threatening withholding privileges.