Wedging With The Craig Show

I had a chance to hit the Braemar Golf Dome with Craig Teiken to work on some fundamentals including improving my practice routine.

If it looks like I’m limping, it’s because I was from my ankle sprain.

One thing Craig taught me was that it’s not a good idea to start with a full swing when you’re injured. Based on how that made my ankle feel, I think he’s onto something there.

Minnesota’s New Golf Show: The Craig Show

No Gimmies

The Craig Show launched today. What’s that? A new locally produced online golf show for people who think golf can be an enjoyable sport. Craig is local golfer, Craig Teiken, who has some strong opinions about golf’s stuffiness, reliance on gadgets, and worthless teaching fads. In some ways, this reminds me of what Gary Vaynerchuk has been doing with Wine Library TV.

Local golfers may recognize some of the courses used to shoot early episodes, including Francis Gross and Hiawatha. Craig also has an office in Minneapolis’ Longfellow Neighborhood that’s used for shooting indoor episodes on chipping and putting. They’re also hitting local golf domes so they can swing away in the winter.

612im is the group behind this show and includes the crew from 612 Authentic along with additional creative, sales, and administrative folks.

I’m fired up about the creative things Minnesotans are doing with online video these days. Sure, newspapers are now tapking themselves reading the news to people, but there are actual cool things happening like Chuck Olsen’s Eskimo Witch and Ben from BenCredible’s SpaceVidcast.

Going deep on topics the creators truly care about can build a community around a show. From there, interesting things can happen. More interesting than selling remnant ads at marginal CPM rates.

“chase a little white ball in the course of a very sissified game”

Interesting history of the Town & Country Golf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota. The author has a great sense of humor.

Town And Country Club – Club History

1893: “Golf did not burst into its full glory for several years, not more than a dozen played that first summer nor more than two or three dozen the second and they did not brag about it for more robust sports like rowing on the river, tennis, horseback riding, fishing and shooting, which we could then do almost in the suburbs of St. Paul, were then the vogue and it took some mental courage for a real heman to chase a little white ball in the course of a very sissified game. But we the beginners teased one man after another to try it out and one lesson was all that was needed to make a convert even then, as now.”


Frank Cutcheon who was no athlete and of poor physique but became a first rate golfer teaching us incidentally that trained muscles were not necessary for golf.