What if Bill O’Reilly was Civil to His Guests?

I was wondering the other day how different The O’Reilly Factor would be if Bill O’Reilly was civil to his guests. What if he asked them questions in a calm manner, then let them speak?

Then I started thinking about how strange it would be if he cited the research of people like Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman or the New Yorker’s Seymour Hersch when making points rather than just making stuff up.

So I decided to test this out by doing voiceovers for Bill during a conversation he has with Rep. Ron Paul.

Can you imagine O’Reilly actually legitimizing the work of Amy Goodman or Seymour Hersch?

Finding a minute of conversation where the two weren’t constantly talking over each other was the most difficult part.

As far as I can tell, the only reason Ron Paul is yelling is to try to compete with Bill O’Reilly’s yelling. For example, Rep. Paul didn’t yell during his appearance on the Daily Show:

The original clip I used to create the first clip in embedded below. Jump to around 2:30 into it to see the segment I used with O’Reilly’s typical yelling and pointing: