FOVD – Green Onions

Green Onions - Spring Onions

Today’s Fresh Organic Veggie of the Day is green onions. I’m more familiar with the smaller bulbed green onions I see at the grocery store, but as I understand it, this is a sub-species (or something like that) known as Spring Onions.

Whatever they’re called, they’re pretty strong. I sliced one over my salad and it was very intense raw. I think the rest of ours will end up in a pasta sauce tonight where they can simmer down a bit.

FOVD – Fresh Organic Veggie of the Day

We received our first delivery of locally grown organic veggies from Fresh Earth Farms on Monday, and dang were they fresh.

The lettuce was the first thing to go:


We received some things we’re familiar with, like the lettuce above, but also some things we’d never seen before. I figure that makes for great “Fresh Organic Veggie of the Day” content for The Deets, so look for more posts on that in the coming days.