My Favorite Tay Zonday Interview: Flak Radio

I think I’m a little obsessed with reading and listening to Tay Zonday interviews. Given that, I can say with full confidence that the best Tay Zonday interview to date was done by Jim & Taylor on Flak Radio.

It’s pretty easy to say why. They’re the only guys who’ve actually gotten into what Chocolate Rain is all about.

I think other people interviewing him have skipped that obvious question out of fear of turning what was booked as a light-hearted interview with a YouTube sensation into a discussion of race.

Not only that, but they got into what he’s studying at the U, and the inspiration for his music. That’s a great interview.

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Tay Zonday is a singer/songwriter in Minneapolis who posts his work to YouTube. His song Chocolate Rain has been watched 6.8 MILLION times since April, which puts it at 88th all-time on YouTube and climbing. Here’s the video:

The Freets was Robbed!

This week’s episode of Flak Radio includes the conclusion of the contest to name the nasally injected sexual enhancement drug currently known at PT-141.

The Freets came up with the perfect name for it: Spray & Lay

This week’s guest host, Andrea Myers, founder of the newly launched Reveille Magazine, voted for The Freets’ entry, but was shot down by Jim and Taylor who decided that one perfect name wasn’t as good as three less than perfect ones.

There are hanging chads all over this contest. I demand a recount!

My Appearance on Flak Radio

Taylor Carik and Jim Norton had a special guest in the studio this week on Flak Radio: Me.

We discussed the important issues of the day, including the iPhone, Shoefiti, Eden Prairie goose collections, Breathe Right strips for your wiener, challenges with local media sites, and Brita filtered cheap vodka.

By the way, you can WIN a BOTTLE of REYKA VODKA by submitting a new name for PT-141 to Flak Radio. That’s one cool Icelandic prize. Check it out.