Oh Happy Day! and the Disappearing Sweater Tying Guy

Words cannot describe how happy this video makes me:

Notice when they “Break it down” at 1:50, there is a guy with a sweater tied around heck neck in the 2nd row behind the drummer.

By 3:30, he’s worked his way down to the front row and is flailing his arms to the music.

But then he’s “disappeared” before the song ends. Any idea what happened to sweater around the neck guy?

Proud to be Part of Gay Pride

Gay Pride Beer

Here I am enjoying a Finnegan’s at The Local after representing at the Ernst & Young booth at Minneapolis Pride.

This was the first year that a Big-4 accounting firm had a booth at Minneapolis Pride. The feedback was entirely positive. Some people seemed surprised to see what is often considered to be a conservative industry show up for something like this. That’s a positive surprise and not hypocritical disgust we’re talking about here.

Carly and I knew we were going to be in for some fun when we were walking down Grant St. on the way to Loring Park and some people coming from Pride recognized us by our shirts and said, “Hey, it’s the accountants! We love your shirts!” That is one seriously positive impression gained by showing up and putting some thought into what people should wear.

Gay Pride Beer

The shirts were a big hit. In fact, a brisk business could have been done selling them. I think they were so popular because they looked great while stating a message that everyone at Pride could agree with.

Pride is probably my favorite festival. It’s probably the only festival I attend where people of the same sex comfortably hug or kiss their partners without looking around being judged by their perfectly normal – though not universally accepted – behavior.

Rumor has it that people working for other Minneapolis firms were impressed with E&Y’s presence. It will be interesting to see what effect that has on next year’s Pride. Will additional firms show up, or will employees working for other firms today be representing E&Y at their booth a year from now?