Eden Prairie’s Loss is Arden Hills’ Gain #vikings

What does the City of Eden Prairie think about the the Arden Hills Vikings stadium proposal? Specifically, what does it think about the last line of this paragraph in the Arden Hills Notes:

The stadium would be surrounded by other amenities. With approximately 21,000 parking spaces, there would be opportunities for tailgating. The County would purchase all available 430 acres and would sell the portion not used for the stadium development to the Vikings. On the approximately 170 acres not used for the stadium development site (which is subject to City zoning and approval), the team proposes commercial attractions, such as restaurants, retail, a hotel, and a movie theater. The Vikings corporate headquarters and training facilities also might be moved to the site.

Is Eden Prairie interested in publicly subsidizing the loss of one of their highest profile businesses to Arden Hills?

The About page of the Eden Prairie website includes this sentence:

Eden Prairie is home to more than 2,200 businesses, including Super Valu, ADC and the Minnesota Vikings.

Will Vikings employees, including players, continue to choose Eden Prairie as a place to buy a home, shop, and dine? Or, will North Oaks and Dellwood be more attractive options than driving around the entire Twin Cities metro to get to/from work?

Vikings Training Facility in Arden Hills

It sure looks to me like the official Minnesota Vikings’ plan for Arden Hills includes an indoor training facility and three outdoor fields, which would be one more than they currently have at Winter Park in Eden Prairie:

Vikings Proposed Stadium Site Plan

Put that together with the fact that Winter Park being even older than the Metrodome (1981 vs 1982), be prepared to hear arguments from the Vikings that Winter Park isn’t the type of modern facility that an NFL team needs in order to stay competitive. It’s a polite way of saying “it’s been great, Eden Prairie, but we’ve found $600,000,000 in public welfare that makes it easy to say goodbye. Thanks for your financial support of our move away from your town.”

L3SO in EP

Johnny Northside has been blogging the heck out of North Minneapolis’ level 3 sex offender scene. As he’s made very clear, a small area of North has become something of a dumping ground for L3SOs. At its worst, one block has five L3SOs on it (including a “rapist village” documented by the Irving Inquisition).

Things do seem pretty concentrated in a few neighborhoods in North. The concentration of cheap rental units offered by slumlords may be appealing to guys who have a hard time functioning in society.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this flyer on the kitchen table at my office in Eden Prairie this week:

Eden Prairie Level 3 Sex Offender

A Level 3 sex offender in Eden Prairie within walking distance of Buca. How about that?

Eden Prairie Community Video from Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker recently added a YouTube video channel where, among other things, they’re creating community videos.

Here is there take on Eden Prairie, where they show some example properties along with local venues like the Conservatory in St. Paul’s Como Park:

I’m not sure why they don’t play up the easy access to big box retailers. EP has everything: WalMart, Target, Home Depot, Costco, Rainbow, and Cub.

The “Rejuvenation” Candidate

What does the rotating banner advertisement below have to do with 3rd Congressional District DFL candidate Ashwin Madia and Republican candidate Erik Paulsen?

San Mei Show Girls San Mei Show Girls Exotic Massage ad in Citypages

Give up? That’s an advertisement for one of Madia and Paulsen’s competitor’s businesses. It’s currently rotating on the front page of CityPages.com.

Steev RamsDell, an independent candidate for Congress in the 3rd District, is the owner of three local rejuvenation centers: PowerNap Sleep Centers, San Mei Rejuvenation Centers (Yelp reviews here), and Planet Shikoku Super Rejuvenation Centers.

Steev RamsDell
Steev RamsDell via ramsdell4congress.com

RamsDell’s positions include making English the only acceptable language for the Pledge of Allegiance and he wants to cut funding for the American Cancer Society in order to force ACS to come up with a cure rather than profit from the ongoing problems with cancer. More about this can be found at RamsDell’s anti-sickcare advocacy site, ShowMeTheCure.com.

Interestingly, the office number for RamDell’s campaign is the same number one can use to book showgirls for exotic massage and dances.


How convenient is that? You can call to find out more about this candidate and make plans for some rejuvenation in just one call.

That’s bringing new efficiencies to government.

Eden Prairie’s Goose Shelf

What do Eden Prairie and Woodbury have in common? They have roughly the same number of geese. I don’t know how Woodbury deals with their goose population, or even if they consider it to be a problem, but EP has figured out a way to control their numbers, and Kyle found on the EP City Manager’s Blog:

Scott Neal, Eden Prairie City Manager » Our Goose Problem

Eden Prairie has the dubious honor of having roughly 9% of the Metro area goose population. The City of Woodbury has a similar population. Our Purgatory Creek Recreation Area (PCRA) has a large number of nesting and fall migrant geese and is a great gathering site for our population, along with the floodplain area and Olympic and Bearpath Country Clubs.

The City has a goose “collection program”. We employ a contractor to collect adult geese, an while I don’t want to get too graphic here, they eventually become donations to food shelves here in the Twin Cities.

By “collection” they seem to mean, capture, pluck, gut, and cook. They end up in St. Paul food shelves according to this KSTP article.

If geese paid taxes they may not face such a fate:

We must manage our local goose population in order to keep Eden Prairie a wonderful place to live, work, and play for the human population that pays the bills around here.

EP isn’t the only city running a “collection program.” Minneapolis also “collects” then “processes” their excess goose population.

Meeting Report 4/21 | Minneapolis Park Watch

Geese Management Plans for 2004

Assistant Superintendent Schmidt then made a presentation about goose control. A head count will be done in June (nesting season) to see how many resident geese there are at which time it will be detirmined how many will need to be collected during molting season. Those geese will be donated to the local food shelves. The cost for this is $1000 per round up and $15 per goose for processing. Other control methods for keeping the geese from eating near the lakes and streams and then defacating there in would be more tall grass plantings along the waterfronts and use of a spray called Flight Control on the areas where the grass is cut short. This spray is not harmful to most species and motivates the geese to eat elsewhere. It would be used most prominently at Mill Ruins Park and at the Lake Hiawatha Beach where the e-coli levels have been worst.

It sounds like more geese are being “processed” nowadays since it’s becoming harder to find states who are willing to take trapped geese.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Tackles Problem of Urban Geese

Goose control measures have included “hazing” or frightening the birds with vehicles, noisemakers, falcons, and dogs; the use of electric fencing; the use of flags or balloons to discourage geese from landing; live capture and relocation; and lethal controls.

Catching the geese and relocating them has been used effectively for many years. In mid-summer adult geese molt, losing their old flight feathers and growing new ones–effectively rendering the birds flightless for a few weeks. During this period, both the adults and juvenile birds can be trapped and transported away from problem areas. Juvenile birds “imprint” on the area where they fledge, or first learn to fly, so transplanting these birds to different areas during this time ensures that they will return to these new areas during each subsequent spring migration.

While effective in removing problem geese, relocation to other areas has proven to be a short-term solution. The reason: The market for Giant Canada geese has been saturated–every state wildlife agency which wanted geese now has them; and they do not want any more.

I seem to remember hearing about Minneapolis collecting geese near Lake of the Isles that ended up being shipped to Arkansas.

Doggie control seems like a more humane solution for those who feel attached to their local goose populations, but not enough to want them on their property, golf courses, or park land.

Flamingo Blogging

Flamingos, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I was driving to work this morning in the snow when what did I see? Flamingos covered with snow! What’s up with Flamingos in Minneapolis? And in the middle of downtown Longfellow of all places.

Don’t they know that they’re warm weather creatures?

Even crazier, it turns out flamingos have been showing up in Eden Prairie as well.

Oh, and I’m testing out a photo-based ad program called BritePic from AdBrite. Let me know what you think of that. Personally, I like the watermark in the lower-right-hand corner of photos.

Update: BritePic didn’t work. Not sure why.

My Lunch at Punch

I went to lunch with Ben, Cariann, and Alex today at Punch, Eden Prairie. I ordered first, then went to find a table. It was busy. Not line out the door busy, but it didn’t look like there were any open tables. Luckily, there was a round table in the very back of the place.

After securing the table, I sat alone, bored, with no one to talk to:

Ed at Punch

I could barely hold my head up as I became more and more undernourished while waiting for my pizza to cook in the wood fired oven:

Ed at Punch

But then, I looked up and saw Ben of BenCredible.com across the room, and it looked like he was looking for me:

Ed at Punch

Our eyes met, and I waved to him so he knew it was me. We hadn’t seen each other in over a minute at this point, so I thought it would be reassuring to him:

Ed at Punch

Then Ben waved back at me, which made me smile:

Ed at Punch

I was glad that they found me, and proud of myself for finding a table:

Ed at Punch

The End.

Southwest Light Rail Routes with Costs

Zach at An Urban Affair puts together some great posts, including this one breaking down the differences in proposed LRT routes to Eden Prairie from downtown Minneapolis.

The construction costs vary by $600 million and the operating costs by $5 per year, so some tough decisions need to be made on which makes most sense long term.

Apparently, EP wasn’t all that excited about the LRT back in the day, but they’re coming around to the idea and want it fast tracked now. I’m all for getting EP folks in and out of downtown without idling their SUVs in my city and causing more ramps to be built downtown.