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The .ca Domain Hits the 1 Million Mark

Have you heard that Canadians discovered the Internet?

Actually, that’s about as far from accurate as a statement can be. In fact, Canadians are more web savvy than Americans per capita.

A big milestone was reached for our neighbors to the North regarding the use of .ca domains. On April 13th, the 1 millionth .ca domain was registered. The first was registered in 1988 (see, they’ve been on the web for a LONG time).

I get to work with a rather prominent .ca domain on a regular basis that should certainly be a .ca: This is a Canadian business that clearly does business primarily in Canada. A perfect case for a .ca domain.

However, Toronto-based search engine marketer, Andrew Goodman, who thinks .ca domains may not be appropriate for Canadians in all situations since they may seem “provincial” on the world wide web:

When Registering Domains, Think Big

It reinforces the tendency of Canadian businesses to think “provincially.” Much of the time, you are in a global and definitely a North American market, even if you didn’t realize it yet.

It’s true that in some markets, a .com is a liability. Using a .com in France, research shows, will lower clickthrough rates on paid search ads, and no doubt conversion rates to sales.

However, Canada is not France.

Here’s my take: If your business is Canada based and does business in Canada, a .ca domain seems to make a lot of sense. If you do business internationally, a .com may make people outside of Canada more comfortable. More importantly, if you decide to use a .ca for your business and would be pissed if someone registered the .com version of your business’ name, you have all the justification you need to at least own both.

Matt, You Could Have Been

Ma.TTMatt. Which Matt? Any Matt.

You probably didn’t realize this, but you could have owned the domain name

As in except for Trinidad & Tobago, so it’s

Had you known this, would you have done it? What if you knew the cost was $500/yr with a 2 year commitment?

Well, you don’t have to think about it now, because someone beat you to it?

Who? A guy named Matt, of course. Which Matt? The Matt who runs the popular blogging platform, WordPress.

He just raised $29 million, so I guess he decided to splurge.

Funny thing: he was already the #1 Matt on Google using his previous domain.