Moon Landing Debunker Debunked

Don’tcha just love these PhD NASA guys who still keep up the charade that we’ve gone to the moon? Philip Plait is one of those guys.

Okay, I broke down laughing writing that. Plait, of course, is the real deal when it comes to astronomy, and he was given a chance to laugh off the ridiculous claims of a “we never went to the moon” conspiracy theorist on Penn & Teller’s show:

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I think I want to start drinking water from a vodka bottle.

Stop the Pulp Dumpings

Manatee Portrait, originally uploaded by Steven Trainoff Ph.D..

Does this manatee look overly anti-oxidized to you?

A friend explained over a margarita that orange juice companies may not actually dump excess pulp from no pulp OJ into the everglade and suggested it may actually end up in extra-pulp OJ. Could this be true?

If only manatees could talk . . .