World’s Largest Air Vortex Cannon from Erberts & Gerberts

The folks in Minneapolis behind Erbert & Gerbert’s Human Flipbook campaign (Colle+McVoy) are at it again. This time, they decided to do something special for E&G’s 20th anniversary cake.

What? Blowing out the candles from 180 feet away using the world’s largest air vortex cannon:

This looks like a lot of fun since you can watch the puff of air travel over the long distance on the way to the candles.

Erbert and Gerbert’s Human Flipbook Wins Award

Remember the Erbert and Gerbert’s ad I mentioned last month that was produced by a Minneapolis agency, Colle+McVoy:

It won a “best in advertising” award last week:

Colle+McVoy takes top advertising honors

Colle+McVoy took top honors last Friday in the Advertising Federation of Minnesota’s best in advertising and design contest.

The company won “Best of Show,” for its work for Wisconsin-based Erbert & Gerbert’s Subs, a press release said.


Human Flipbook Invented in Minneapolis

My friend John Neerland dropped a note on Facebook earlier this week about the Human Flipbook. Not knowing exactly what he was talking about, I was intrigued and clicked through to check it out.

Basically, it’s an awesome flipbook style animation told with t-shirts. Cool.

John works for the local ad firm that created this, and hooked me up with the backstory:

My official capacity was Copywriter on the project, but since we did everything in-house here at Colle+McVoy, everyone pitched in and did stuff that went beyond their job descriptions. My art director partner, Dustin Black, did all the animations, ironing and the editing. I took the photos (that’s what I was doing at the latptop) and did the voice-over sounds.

You can tell Colle+McVoy is a creative group because they have a plus symbol in their company name.

Apparently, this was significantly cheaper to shoot than a typical 30-second spot. The creativity of the spot should create better returns than same-old same-old stuff. When it comes to sub shop commercials, I’d much rather watch this than those “Wrap it Up” Subway commercials or that Jared dude.

What’s really cool about this is they created a “Making of the Human Flipbook” video giving a behind the scenes look at what went into shooting this commercial for Erbert and Gerbert’s. I highly recommend watching this before you decide to take on a human flipbook project of your own.

That’s more ironing than I’ve done in my entire life.