Mexican Coke vs. Corn Syrup Coke

An interesting take on the differences between Mexican Coke and the swill we drink here in the States:

Joyeur: Mexican Coke

I first tried Coke made with real cane sugar a few years ago while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. The difference wasn’t merely perceptible, it was shocking. The first few sips were more unsettling than pleasing, producing a dichotomous sensation of “this tastes like Coke/this does not taste like Coke” at the same time. By the end of the first bottle, though, I wanted more. The only thing that kept me from rotting away all my teeth during that week was that our resort’s “free beverages” policy also included beer.

For Coca Cola to claim these two beverages are the “same” even though they use entirely different sweeteners is preposterous. It’s not like sweetener is just a trace element in the Coke recipe—they’re second only to carbonated water in the ingredients list.

But Mexicans miss out on the syrupy aftertaste!

Mineral Water

Mineral Water, originally uploaded by edkohler.

As of the day after Thanksgiving, I’ve gone off soda – or should I say “pop?” Either way, no Coke, Diet Coke, Diet Coke Zero, Diet Coke Vanilla, Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi, C2, etc.

This is my next 30-day challenge after the vegetarian thing that wrapped up on T-day.

One thing I’ve noticed is a radical transformation in the recycling bin at work. This is a shot from earlier today of what normally looks very silver from all the Diet Coke cans filling the bin. Now it’s taken on a blue hue due to the only non-soda option in the Coke machine, Mendota Sparkling Water, seeing a sudden spike in sales.

Seriously, it really doesn’t matter how much they pay me at work. They get it all back through the pop machine.