Wisconsin Fashion: Matching Couples

Matching Re/Max Couple

Wisconsin seems to lead the nation in matching couples fashion trend. Traditionally, this applies to choices in snowmobile branded winter wear such as Arctic Cat or Polaris. Couples dress in his and hers outfits.

But now I’m seeing it apply to business clothes as well, such as the matching Re/Max real estate agents from Phillips, Wisconsin pictured above.

While I haven’t seen it, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it also applies to undergarments purchased with Marlboro Miles.

A Bra for Big Breasted Women

Dear Deets big breasted women. You know who you are.

Jess, over at “I Was Told There Would Be Baconhas a bra endorsement for big breasted women like herself:

I can’t recommend this bra enough to my big-tittied, active sisters. It honestly seems like it will be worth every penny.

Having read Jess’ blog for quite a while now, I know working out has been a challenge for her. It’s awesome to hear that she’s found the right tool for the job.

Spoiler Alert: It’s the Enell.

Bill Grillz? Seriously?

Bill Grillz

If you’re not sure what you’re looking at in the above photo, take a look below. These, my friends, are Bill Grillz. Yes, that’s correct. They’re Grillz for your Bills, as in the bills of caps. As in, WTF?

Bill Grillz

You can find them at a convenience store in Wausau, Wisconsin. I don’t remember the name, but I could tell you how to get there is you’re interested.

And what’s with the LITE grill on an MGD hat? Sure, they’re both Miller products, but that sure seems to clash to me.

Lexus Sweater

Lexus Collar?

Is it just me, or does it look like the woman in this photo is wearing a black Lexus sweater. Seriously, who wears a sweater with a Lexus logo on it? It that some kind of baby boomer Nascar thing that I’m not aware of?

I took this photo at the Timberwolves game tonight of a woman sitting court side. Upon closer inspection, it turns out she was wearing court side credentials that hung from a Lexus lanyard. And the seat she was sitting in – along with all of the other court side seats – was also sponsored by Lexus.

Frankly, I know people who would wear Lexus clothing. Toyota, there’s an opportunity here, and the margins are huge. Why are you selling reliable cars when you could be selling disposable clothing?