Secret Menu Items at Chains

Consumerist has a great list of restaurant policies for ordering not-on-menu items. I used to get tacos supremes with beans instead of meat at Taco Bell, but haven’t done that for a while.

Chipotle nachos sound pretty good. Fresh stuff, great guacamole:

The Really Big Guide To Secret Menu Items – Consumerist

Chipotle: Chipotle will, like Taco Bell, make anything they have the ingredients for. Unlike Taco Bell, this is an official policy. Some suggestions: Nachos, Quesadilla, Individual Tacos, Taco Salads, Tiny Bean Burritos Using Taco Shells, Fresh Cilantro on Your Tacos, whatever you can think of.

Mark Eibner turned me on to making a custom taco salad at Chipotle. He goes for for the beans, chicken, cheese, lettuce, a little bit of each salsa, avoids rice. Awesome stuff, but kinda tough to eat with a plastic fork.

I wouldn’t want to be in line behind someone who really pushes the custom ordering envelope. Just because a restaurant will do it, fulfill your request.

Luke Watson Can’t Live in Roseville

Those of you who know Luke Watson probably know that he’s a HUGE fan of Chipotle. HUGE. Could Luke live in a city without easy access to his favorite burritos?

Roseville, Minnesota’s Jeff Sauer shares Luke’s love of burritos and has been tracking Chipolte’s lack of a Roseville location for almost two years now. This is clearly an issue he takes personally based on the 2000+ word open letter to Chipotle on his blog:

It has been almost two years since I have last written you. During that time, a lot has changed in my life. I have matured, had minor success in my career, and I have upped my Chipotle intake to 3-4 times a week.

One thing that has not changed in my life is an ongoing travesty that has been overlooked for far too long. I am talking about an injustice for the ages; a lone tarnished mark on an otherwise flawless canopy of a “burrito heaven of a metro area”. I am speaking of the disappointing lack of a Chipotle in the Roseville, Minnesota area. Zip Code 55113.

Luckily for Sauer, Roseville is surrounded by cities with Chipotle’s so he still has relatively easy access to deal with his burrito fix.

Do any restaurants influence your home buying decisions?

Thanks to Tim Nelson at e-democracy for pointing this out.