Four Seasons Vancouver, BC TP

Four Seasons Vancouver, BC TP, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Carly and I are up in Vancouver to run the 1/2 marathon tomorrow. The Four
Seasons Hotel is the official race hotel, and had taken their TP folding
seriously for runners.

The Wit Hotel Chicago, IL TP

The Wit Hotel Chicago, IL TP, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I woke up on the morning after Easter in a bit one blur. Carly had coffee
on, and was running around the house preparing for a work trip after getting
in a morning run. I skipped the run, but also had a work trip to hit.

After waking up, I shuttled Carly to the airport, then ran a series of
errands around town, such as getting dry cleaning down for future trips and
depositing some Deets checks at the credit union.

Where was Carly flying? Madison. Where was I driving to? Madison.

Initially, we had planned on being in the same city on the same night, but
she decided to ditch me in Madison so she could fly to Chicago to take the
TP shot posted above. Or, maybe her decision was work related?

I report. You decide.

Regardless, that is a tremendous TP fold.

Sheraton Madison, WI TP

Sheraton Madison, WI TP, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I’m not sure if the protesters in Madison lowered the TP folding standards
in this town, but something went seriously wrong at the Sheraton.

To make matters worse, this happened on the club floor of the Sheraton,
where the Koch crowd is most comfortable. By the way, if you check in on
Foursquare, you can get an auto upgrade to free cheese & pop at this venue.

I suffered through it.

Downtown Vancouver Bike Lanes

Downtown Vancouver Bike Lanes, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Vancouver has made a serious commitment to providing bike-friendly streets.
While Minneapolis has been spending some money on paint, Vancouver has
putting in physical barriers between cars and cyclists. Once in place, they
make the former driving lane a 2 way bike lane.

The barriers provide both perceived and true safety for cyclists. A family
could bike through the downtown of a major city without worrying about
whether a driver will ignore a white stripe on the pavement.

Additionally, Vancouver has added bike signals to the traffic signals that
appear to be designed to get cyclists through intersections before cars are
given the green light. This seems like a good way to prevent cyclists from
getting hit by turning drivers.

It all seems very civil. It seems logical to assume that more people would
be willing to commute to downtown Minneapolis, or use bikes to visit
downtown, if they felt comfortable on their bikes downtown.

Granted, Vancouver doesn’t have to biking superhighways that Minneapolis
has. But, they do seem to provide far superior on-street infrastructure for
the critical last half mile if commutes through the most congested parts of
their city.

Candlewood Suites, Troy, MI TP

Candlewood Suites, Troy, MI TP, originally uploaded by edkohler.

The Candlewood is an extended stay style hotel, with a decent workout room
and a pantry of snacks and drinks sold on the honor system. Apparently, the
TP folding is do-it-yourself as well.

Yellow Pages Onslaught Inside the Museum at Ali‘i?lani Hale

The Deets’ Hawaiian correspondant, Aaron, stumbled upon a mega-print
spam yellow pages dump at Ali‘i?lani Hale.

While yellow pages probably do have some historic significance, I
doubt the museum needs that many phone books for their archives.

Sheraton Cavalier, Calgary, AB TP

Sheraton Cavalier, Calgary, AB TP, originally uploaded by edkohler.

The difference between a Sheraton and a Westin (both higher end Starwood
properties) is that you’d never see an unwrapped TP roll in a Westin room.

Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport TP

The TP was a little rushed at the HGI, but they got the job done. This is
the closest hotel to the airport, and often fills up when flights are
cancelled. That’s not a picky TP crowd.

Delta Hotel Halifax TP

Delta Hotel Halifax TP, originally uploaded by edkohler.

The hotel clock is either a couple weeks ahead it 5 months behind on
daylight savings.

The yellow pages says Keep Until April 2011, yet is in mint condition.

They have no WiFi in the rooms; only wired internet for use at a desk.

The restaurant is under renovation, and room service is closed for the

It’s sleeting out.

I can’t find the TV remote.

But, the TP folding makes up for it.