Landis vs. Armstrong at the Leadville 100

Biking Bis is reporting that Floyd Landis and Lance Armstrong will both be competing in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race next August:

Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring and More :: It’s official: Landis vs. Armstrong in Leadville 100

The Floyd Landis camp issued a press release Tuesday that their guy is going to get on his mountain bike and race in the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, scheduled Aug. 11, 2007, in Leadville, Colorado.

Seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong had already agreed to ride in Leadville. This sets up a challenge between two Tour de France winners in a slightly different contest.

Where’s you money in this fight? Will Landis dope for this? Will Armstrong’s running help or hurt him? Who can handle the altitude better? Who has better mountain bike skills? Lots of immeasurables in this one.

Minneapolis has Crazy Bikes

bikes_02, originally uploaded by @ndyK.

What’s with Minneapolis and crazy bike styles? Check this thing out. I think I’ve seen this one roll down Washington Ave while consuming some beers & chicken wings at Maxwell’s before.

Just to clarify, I was the one consuming; not the biker, who would likely have a hard time working on a wingie or drummie while handling this ride. I suppose give a choice, drummies would be preferred for Buffalo biking.

What other crazy rides have you seen around town? A few others can come to mind:

1. Recumbant bikes along West River Road
2. Side by side tandems at Minnehaha falls
3. Push bikes on the Midtown Greenway

What am I missing?

Winter Biking Tips: Bike Lights

The eco-warrior blog on the TimesOnline has posted 10 tips on how to be a winter biker. Good stuff. It looks like the problems I noticed are fairly universal: keeping hands and feet warm.

Other than those two, the biggest challenge I’ve encountered is the lack of light. My commute from Eden Prairie to Minneapolis is almost entirely on a rails to trails trail with little lighting. For some reason, suburbs don’t seem to find the money to invest in lighting the trail with Minneapolis does.

Since I’m on trails rather than the road, my biggest concern is having a head-on collision with another biker or plowing into a dog walker or runner. All could be ugly for all parties involved. I decided to pick up this cateye light to help make myself more visible to oncoming trail traffic and cast some light on the trail:

CatEye Bike Head Light HL-EL500

What I like about this light is that it’s easy to install, runs on four AA batteries, so it’s easy to keep charged (I use rechargeables), and it’s pretty darn bright.

I’ve mounted it on my fork just above my breaks to keep it from sliding down. This worked out well because I already have a handlebar bag crowding out room on my handlebars. The only challenge with the fork mounted position is getting the light to point down or straight rather than up due to the angle of the fork. The mount can be adjusted with a screwdriver to correct for this, so you shouldn’t have any problems unless you have a particularly curvy fork.