Arm Wrestling is Not for Wimps

Following up on yesterday’s post about arm breaking arm wrestling video games, I found this arm wrestling kit on Ebay that delivers an electric shock to arm wrestlers:

Arm Wrestling Shocker

It includes an excellent product description:

This game takes the traditional Gladiator sport of Arm Wrestling to a whole new level! Strap on the wrist plate and get ready to wrestle. You get a mild electric shock.

NOTE: Not suitable for children or wimps.

What it should also say is, “not available in Japan.”

Ironically, the “not for wimps” game comes with rubberized elbow pads. That seems kind of wimpy to me.

Arm Wrestling Video Game is the Victim

The Science Museum of MN blog has a funny report on an arm wrestling video game in Japan that’s broken the arms of three human opponents.

Arm Wrestling Machine

To me, this is a sad day for video games. Why should they be held accountable for the behavior of idiots who don’t realize an arm wrestling machine is stronger than them? Nobody died. Sure, three arms were broken, but I’m fairly certain that those three people learned a valuable lesson here: you’re not stronger than a machine.