Coach Bags Take a Beating

And by take a beating, I don’t mean they’re durable. I mean a verbal beating based on a poor customer experience.

The Angry Professor goes off of Coach bags:

A Gentleman’s C: Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam…

I used to be a loyal Coach customer. I thought nothing of spending $400 for a bag that, at Target, would cost $35. (This was pre-Angry Kid, of course.) Then the strap broke on my $400 bag, and I tried to use the fabulous “lifetime warranty!” they tout with every purchase. Imagine my surprise when my bag was returned to me with a form letter and a refusal to even attempt to fix the strap. “Too bad,” the letter said. “Here’s 20% off your next purchase instead.” 20%? For a $400 bag that lasted less than a year? Bite me, Coach.

Looks like they deserved it. I wonder if they’ll bother responding to her about her bad experience, or just let people like me amplify her bad experience to a larger audience?

Angry Professor and Asperger’s Syndrome

Angry Professor is a great blog written by a . . . professor with lots of snarky posts about encounters with students. The funniest ones are responses to students desperate about their grades near the end of a semester after skipping classes, never visiting during office hours, etc.

A Gentleman’s C: A student profile.

Hans is well over six feet tall and weighs around 150 lbs (soaking wet). He looks a lot like this guy. And poor Hans has the worst case of Asperger’s Syndrome I have ever encountered. My cousin has Asperger’s; Hans makes my cousin look like Albert Schweitzer.

From the first day, Hans has been deliberately disruptive. As he clearly states on his university profile, one of his greatest joys is to challenge his professors. Ordinarily, this would be a great thing. However, when I use the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale as an example of an ordinal scale of measurement, I do not expect to be treated to a harangue about air temperature, wind speeds, and storm surge.

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