Mortgage Triggers Explained by Behind the Mortgage

I don’t know how many of you are into reading mortgage blogs, but if you are, be sure to check out Alex Stenback’s “Behind the Mortgage” blog. Alex is a Minneapolis guy. We’ve met a few times before related to some work stuff. He’s a mortgage broker, growing radio celebrity with a show on KTLK (Sunday mornings), and a blogger, among other things.

Alex is great a cutting through the financing crap that really pisses consumers off, like this:

Behind The Mortgage: The Trigger List

For those not familiar, the Triggers program is sort of the dirty little secret of the credit repositories (Equifax, Experian, Transunion.) Here’s how it works: Any time you apply for a loan, that information, along with a slew of other personal, private data is immediately sold (over and over again) to other lenders, which often use rather unsavory tactics to trick you into doing business with them.

Condo Buying Tips

Alex Stenback of Behind the Mortgage offers has some great condo buying tips for the Minneapolis market here:

How To: Pick the Right Condo

One question we’ve been getting a lot lately of goes something like this: “We want to buy a condo, but how do we know that we have picked the right condo project? “

I found the info on picking a building too large or small interesting. It makes sense that you’ll have a lot of competition when it comes time to sell a unit in a large building, and small building assessments could be shocking – kind of like home ownership.