Your future customers read The Deets.

The Deets draws 18,000+ monthly visitors (Dec 2008) and serves 48,000+ page views/month. 6,000+ of those visitors live in Minnesota. The vast majority of the Minnesota based traffic comes from the Twin Cities metro.

The Deets Minnesota Traffic

Traffic has increased 200% year over year and continues to grow steadily.

Quantcast reports that The Deets has few under age readers:

The Deets Age Demographics

Advertising Opportunities

The Deets offers a variety of advertising opportunities. Here is a sample:

Real-Time Ads

Real-Time Ads automatically serve up the latest headline from your blog, latest Tweet on Twitter, latest event in your events calendar, etc. The headlines link back to your site or Twitter account, so are capable of communicating messages and driving traffic. Move beyond the banner to real time communication with prospective customers.


Real-Time Ads on

Cost: $1 for first month, then $100/month recurring. No long term contract. Maximum of 10 Real-Time Ads are served. Order now:

Your Website or Twitter Address

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising can be purchased on for $5/CPM ($5 for every 1000 times for ad is displayed) with a $100 minimum purchase. Available ad sizes (send in or all of the following ad sizes):


Geotargeting: You may choose the geographic reach of your ads. For example, ads can be set to display to only USA/Minnesota/Twin Cities/Minneapolis residents. Or, you can advertise only to people living outside of Minnesota if you’re targeting people planning to visit our great state.

Animation is okay, but keep it tolerable. Email ( or call (651-592-4063) for more details on ad formats and targeting.

Order Now:

Ad Impressions

Other Advertising Opportunities

Increase Your Reach

Ads purchased through can also be displayed other local properties (your choice) including,, and other local sites.


Other advertising ideas? Contact Ed to talk about what you have in mind.

Contact info

Contact Ed Kohler at with questions and order.

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