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At this moment in time (at the end of the day), Ed Kohler is fairly unique in his ability to think outside the box 24/7. With all due respect to people who find his thoughts offensive – some would absolutely say, “It’s a nightmare.” in reference to his ramblings – Mr. Kohler responds, “I personally don’t understand their pain. They shouldn’t of read what they read after reading, ‘You want The Deets? You can’t HANDLE The Deets. It’s not rocket science.”

*This was brought to you by Oxford University’s 10 ten most irritating phrases.

As if my posts don’t tell you enough about me, eh? Have a question, let me know.
Here are The Deets on how to get in touch with me:

651-592-4063 (cell: use it, don’t abuse it)
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Skype: ed.kohler

email: kohler@haystackinaneedle.com (I love hearing from people. Please connect.)

IM: haystack@gmail.com

Or, click here to send me a message anonymously.

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The Deets

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Ed’s Wishlist

I love gifts. If you’re looking for an idea, just check out my wishlist page.

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