Luke Hellier’s Latest Attempt to Smear RT Rybak

Luke Hellier, over at Minneapolis Democrats Exposed, is continuing to have problems with the truth on his website. One of latest stories he’s attempting to push has to do with a connecting he sees between Minneapolis Mayor, RT Rybak, and the group TakeAction Minnesota. The City of Minneapolis website hosts a variety of calendars that … Continue reading “Luke Hellier’s Latest Attempt to Smear RT Rybak”

A Closer Look at the MN GOP’s Anti-Rybak Talking Points

What would happen if you actually took a look at each of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s anti-Rybak talking points? Would they make one say, “Holy crap this Rybak guy is the devil incarnate”? Let’s find out. I figured that there is no better way to find out just how evil thrice-elected Minneapolis Mayor and … Continue reading “A Closer Look at the MN GOP’s Anti-Rybak Talking Points”

Some Perspective on MN GOP’s Issue with RT Rybak

A recent comment on Minnesota Democrats Exposed helped me understand that there may be some misunderstandings between MDE readers and the reality based community when it comes to the size and scope of Minneapolis’ city budget. The latest example of this comes from a comment left from a commenter using the “Focused on 2010” moniker. … Continue reading “Some Perspective on MN GOP’s Issue with RT Rybak”

Luke Hellier’s Lie about 2002 vs 2009 Minneapolis Crime Stats

It should come as no surprise that Luke Hellier has problems with easily documented facts based on his recent track record. Here’s yet another example of Luke Hellier making stuff up to support his ill-conceived narrative regarding RT Rybak’s tenure as Mayor of Minneapolis: That’s an interesting statement from Luke Hellier that’s relatively easy to … Continue reading “Luke Hellier’s Lie about 2002 vs 2009 Minneapolis Crime Stats”

Luke Hellier’s Credibility Falls Further

This is one of the most offensive things I’ve read: I get the impression that Luke Hellier doesn’t know me and isn’t a regular reader of The Deets. Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but if I was to describe the type of stuff I blog about, I think a description of fact based with commentary … Continue reading “Luke Hellier’s Credibility Falls Further”

Is Luke Hellier Lying or Stupid?

I’ve never met Luke Hellier, and can’t say that I know the guy, but it seems pretty clear to me that he’s either lying or stupid when he tweets stuff like this about me: Why would I suggest that Luke Hellier is either lying or stupid? Because he’s basing his statement about me on this … Continue reading “Is Luke Hellier Lying or Stupid?”

Luke Hellier: Minnesota Democrats Exposed Exposed

Minnesota Democrats Exposed is a fascinating website for those interested in seeing what blindly partisan attempts to tear down political opponents – rather than focus on the merits of their own party’s candidates for office – looks like. The main writer for the site these days is Luke Hellier, who seems like a lightweight version … Continue reading “Luke Hellier: Minnesota Democrats Exposed Exposed”

It’s Kind of Scary Looking at Who Supports Cam Winton for Mayor #mplsmayor

I think endorsements matter. So, let’s look at who’s endorsing Cam Winton for Minneapolis mayor on Twitter: This town should vote for @cam_winton tomorrow. #MplsMayor — Isaac Schultz (@ImSchultz) November 4, 2013 Isaac’s twitter bio: Republican serving to turn Minnesota Red | Campaign Coordinator for @StewartMillsMN | Former @PeteHegseth for Sen & @MNSRC intern … Continue reading “It’s Kind of Scary Looking at Who Supports Cam Winton for Mayor #mplsmayor”