Mistaken Pandemic Assumptions

I’ve been thinking about what were my biggest assumptions about the pandemic that I’ve been wrong about so far. Here’s my current list:

1. Automated contact tracing apps would be widely used and effective.
2. Schools would invest in serious HVAC retrofits during the year without kids in the buildings.
3. Most restaurants would quickly disappear without in-restaurant dining.
4. Biden would do more than Trump to help people afford to protect themselves.
5. The most common sources of viral spread would be identified, communicated, and well-understood by the majority of Americans.

Things that I didn’t anticipate. 

1. Conspiracy theorists assuming that sterilized cotton swabs are dangerous because they’re sterilized.
2. Restaurants being a source of high covid deaths even without customers due to the proximity of line cooks.
3. Republicans having relatively low vaccination rates while simultaneously giving Trump credit for helping get the vaccines to market.
4. Policies that determine that dining in a restaurant is safe if you wear a mask while entering and leaving but not while sitting.
5. YouTube and Twitter taking at least some action to prevent the spread of health misinformation.6. Chiropractors. 

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