Private Parking Signs on Public Streets

I find people who claim ownership of the public street in front of their private home entertaining. Here’s an example from 42nd Ave S near the Blue Door Pub:

Private Parking? Please.

Even more ridiculous, they’ve hammered nails into the public’s tree on the public boulevard to hang their “Private Parking” sign:

Parking must be pretty bad around there, eh? Not exactly. It’s possible that a few members of the public may park their private cars on the public street in front of that private house for a few hours on evenings where the BDP is particularly busy. Does this force this homeowner to park blocks away from their home if they arrive home during peak BDP hours? Well, maybe for their third car:

The “Longfellow was better before it had businesses people were willing to drive across town to visit” crowd has hammers and knows how to use them.

2 thoughts on “Private Parking Signs on Public Streets”

  1. The Rat remember ol’ Maz from MNSpeak used to confront neighbors who parked in front of his house. If they didn’t’ stop he’d let the air out of their tires. He’s a Scamp.

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