Some Minneapolis Snow Emergency Car Towing Stats

Eric Roper has an article in the StarTribune that looks at which areas of the town see the most cars towed during snow emergencies. And, more interestingly, which areas see the least tows. It seems to correlate quite well with distance from the impound lots.

The data behind the map included some other variables that are kind of neat too. Here’s a spreadsheet with some tabs breaking down a few of those variables such as the age, make, model, and state where the towed cars are licensed.

Cars between 10-15 years old top the list for trips to the impound lot. Hondas and Civic are high among car models, which may say something about both their popularity and lifespan. Thirty states and two Canadian provinces were represented in the towing data.

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2 thoughts on “Some Minneapolis Snow Emergency Car Towing Stats”

  1. My understanding is that tow operators are paid per tow. So, from an economics perspective, it makes complete sense that the cars closer to the impound lot get towed more often; the turnaround is faster and they can make more money.

    If we paid the tow trucks by time and/or mile traveled, it could alleviate some of this issue and remove the incentive to tow the inner city.

    If you do it by mile traveled, it makes more sense to hop onto the interstate to reach the less dense corners of the city and grab a car on a way less congested street, like 52nd & Xerxes, instead of 22nd & Harriet, where it’s a congested mess year-round.

    All that said, I don’t think it’s such a huge deal and I am 100% happy with nothing changing from the way it is now. Streets in the inner city tend to be more heavily parked and more dependent on being better plowed. In the fringes, like our neighborhood or SW, it doesn’t matter quite as much. You should be taking your time and driving slow and chilling out anyway.

  2. The fact that SW Minneapolis is seldom towed simply means the roads in that quadrant are horrendous! I have several friends who have called City Hall begging for cars to be towed from their streets so the plows can do their job. Linden Hills is terrible year after year. Saturday I saw several cars on side streets that were plowed in up to their windows. This just makes it worse for everyone that has to use that street. Xerxes was passable (barely) but the streets around it were so much worse.

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