Janet Moore and Baird Helgeson Repeat Ridiculous Vikings Stadium Jobs Claims #wilfare

Note the sentence in parentheses at the end of the below paragraph from Janet Moore and Baird Helgeson’s StarTribune piece on Vikings stadium corporate welfare subsidies:

Gov. Mark Dayton said in a statement that although the Supreme Court challenge “had no merit, I was extremely concerned that this lawsuit would delay the financing of the stadium, and the progress” of the Downtown East development. “[The] decision clears the way for thousands of Minnesotans to get to work on these two important projects.” (The stadium project alone is expected to create 7,500 jobs over the next two years.)Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Think about this. The Vikings stadium will take three years to build. The Vikings claim that it will take 4.25 million work hours to build the stadium. Let’s do the math:

425,000,000 work hours
Divide that by 2,080 hours (hours in a work year) converts that to 2,043 work years.
Divide 2,043 work years by the three years of the project gives us 681 full time jobs worth of work over three years.

Janet Moore and Baird Helgeson repeated the ridiculously misleading figure that uses the number of people who work on the job site over three years rather than the number of full time equivalents. It’s almost as if they work for a paper who’ll profit from the public subsidy.

Another way to look at this: The StarTribune could create 20 more jobs overnight if they cut back Janet Moore and Baird Helgeson’s hours to 3.632 hours per week and hired 18 new employees with the same hours. That would be a big jobs creation strategy if the goal was to inflate the number of people receiving a check from the Strib.

If the StarTribune wanted to be intellectually honest when reporting jobs claims by corporate welfare boosters, they’d explain stuff like this to their readers.

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