Minneapolis & MN Taxpayers are Paying $117.17/hr for 681 Vikings Stadium Construction Jobs

Assuming Delta maximizes their return on their IRRRB loan by maintaining exactly 32 additional employees for the next five years in order to meet the eligibility requirements for forgiveness of the $5.9 million loan they’ve received from the IRRRB:

That’s 32 employees at 2,080 hours per year for 5 years for 332,800 work hours. Divide the $5.9M by that to find an average hourly subsidy of $17.72/hour for every one of those hours.

Compare that to the Vikings stadium corporate Wilfare project. The Vikings claim this will involve 4.25 million work hours. That’s a lot of work. The state chipped in $348 million and Minneapolis $150 million for $498 million in public subsidies (this isn’t even counting stadium operating & maintenance subsidies). Divide that by 4.25 million work hours and you get $117.17.

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