My Reaction to Mark Andrew’s Campaign’s Reaction to the StarTribune’s Endorsement of Betsy Hodges #mplsmayor

Sarah McKenzie at the Southwest Journal got a reaction quote from the Mark Andrew campaign regarding the StarTribune’s endorsement of Betsy Hodges as their first choice for Minneapolis mayor, followed by Don Samuels and Jackie Cherryhomes. The Strib, who left Andrew out of their top-3, criticized Andrew for saying different things to different audiences.

Mark Andrew’s campaign team doubts that the endorsement will have much of an impact on the race, said Marion Greene, Andrew’s deputy campaign manager.

“Mark Andrew, along with many of Minnesota‚Äôs other great elected leaders, is apparently too progressive for the Star Tribune,” she said.

That’s an interesting response from the Mark Andrew campaign. Personally, I don’t view Mark Andrew as a progressive candidate. Sure, his signs are green and he has a campaign Prius, but he’s also endorsed by the biggest corporate welfare union in the city (Building Trades), prominent members of big banks, the Chamber of Commerce, and utility companies.

These are not progressive groups. They’re groups who know how to profit from large government projects and tax breaks at the expense of people who don’t have lobbyists at City Hall, and have chosen Mark Andrew as their candidate of choice for Minneapolis mayor.

2 thoughts on “My Reaction to Mark Andrew’s Campaign’s Reaction to the StarTribune’s Endorsement of Betsy Hodges #mplsmayor”

  1. Pretty good posts on why NOT to vote for Andrew. A counterpoint of sorts:

    If I were to cast my ballot today, it would be Woodruff, Winton, and Andrew. Woodruff and Winton because they understand the need for the city to get better at service delivery and focus on day-to-day issues of Minneapolitans.

    There are two reasons why I can’t bring myself to vote for Hodges. Even if I could forget the sneak attack on NRP, that was a boneheaded overreaching move. If for no other reason than the initial proposal went so far as to recommend cutting ALL contracts–in spite of the fact that many of those contracts were with the city itself. I remember that degree of stupidity every time she claims to be this accounting guru who understands the inner workings of budgets better than any other candidate.

    Second, when Nicole Curtis tried unsuccessfully to save a house from demolition in north Minneapolis (in Hofstede’s ward), I spoke with people high up in Hodges’ campaign about the issue. They parroted back to me the same line that Hofstede told to cover her rear. (Namely, that there was an unresponsive owner, which was completely untrue.) This sent the message, however unwittingly, that when Betsy is uninformed about something, she will listen to insiders first instead of to people with direct knowledge and boots on the ground.

    On a more minor point, I have been rather underwhelmed by her overtures to north Minneapolis. In any case, if I have to vote for one of the top tier candidates, at least I’ve seen Mark in my community and feel he understands housing issues better than any of the other apparent frontrunners.

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