An Example of Minneapolis 311 Dropping the Ball

I received an alert from Minneapolis 311 today about a graffiti report I sent in yesterday. Good news. The report had already been closed. 24 turnaround. Very cool:

Closed Graffiti Report

But, when I looked closer, I saw this:

Closed 311 report due to Duplicates

Hmm, it was closed because it was a duplicate. It turns out that someone had already reported that tag. So, I took a look to see if I could figure out who reported it. You’d think that this would be easy because 311 provides a case number, but that case number doesn’t actually work on the public facing website. It appears to be for an internal tracking system, so it a worthless piece of information for me.

Still, I did manage to track down the previous report. It turns out that I was the person who previously reported those tags:

Initial Railroad Tag Report

That report shows that I initially reported this tag on June 12th. So, I suppose it makes sense that they’d mark the report I filed three weeks later about the same tags as a dupe. But, then I noticed this:

Closed Graffiti Case

It turns out that the graffiti report I sent in on June 12th was closed on June 20th and marked as resolved. But, based on the report I made on July 2nd, either taggers made identical tags to those signs between June 20th and July 2nd, or Minneapolis 311 marked a case as resolved that clearly was not.

Does anyone have any insight into how this happens at 311?

One thought on “An Example of Minneapolis 311 Dropping the Ball”

  1. I think it is an internal process within 311. They mark it as resolved when it gets forwarded to the proper department, not when the actual problem is resolved. I’ve wondered about the process since the app is created by a third-party with their own agenda and the City is having to work out their internal processes and matching up to See Click Fix’s process.

    I commented on a post that was marked as resolved last year saying that it wasn’t resolved yet. I don’t remember what the response back was.

    I’ve started reporting tags while walking around the neighborhood after I got an e-mail from See Click Fix about a bunch of the tags you reported. It took a week or 2 for the first round to get cleaned up. Nothing I’ve reported since the week before the storm have been cleaned up. Though I’ve reported over 30 tags now in the past month or so.

    BTW See Click Fix is fairly responsive on Twitter.

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