Minnesota Lottery Payout Signs Could Use Some Fine Print

I noticed that my local SuperAmerica on East Lake Street has a sign from the Minnesota Lottery boasting about how much money has been won by people buying various gambling products at the store:

Minnesota Lottery Payouts Signs

What it doesn’t say is how much money was lost along the way. Maybe it’s asking too much of the state, but wouldn’t it be nice if the state also disclosed how much money was sucked out of each community?

Based on the payout ratios described here (PDF), this sign in SuperAmerica could say:

The Minnesota Lottery has sucked $326,119 out of this community.

Gamblers have lost $326,119 so this store could make $51,682.

Since the lottery is run by the state, shouldn’t the state have the decency to disclose the damage it’s doing on signs like this?

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