Flashback: Rep Gruenhagen Explains why E-Pulltabs Won’t Work, and Are a Horrible Idea #wilfare

How could anyone predict that the Vikings stadium e-pulltabs projections would fall short? Well, one could have listened to Rep Gruenhagen back in May 2012, who explained that only one state had previous tried exploiting their citizens through e-pulltabs, and the numbers fell far short of projections. That state was Iowa:

The topic on the floor at time of Rep Gruenhagen’s speech was to amend the stadium bill to fund the state’s share through user fees. As in, the Minnesotans who claim to want a new stadium would have an opportunity to actually pay for it through taxes on merchandise, seat fees, concessions, parking, among other taxes.

This, of course, did not pass. Obviously, Zygi didn’t want Vikings fans paying for the Vikings stadium when the state was willing to exploit gamblers instead. That leaves more money in fans’ wallets for Zygi to extract through higher seat prices, personal seat licenses, parking, concessions, and merchandise.

Fans will pay whatever Zygi can extract from them, yet didn’t have enough pride to say “hey, shouldn’t we be offering to help the state with this so the state doesn’t need to exploit gamblers through questionable gambling schemes?” But, fans together with Governor Dayton and the state legislature, lead by Senator Rosen and Rep Lanning, decided to protect Zygi’s access to Vikings fans’ wallets by exploiting gamblers instead.

And, if I understand this bill correctly, the state will be selling PSLs to Vikings season ticket holders on Zygi Wilf’s behalf. Why? Because, in addition to paying for half of a billion dollar stadium, paying to maintain the stadium, and letting Zygi pay no property taxes on valuable downtown Minneapolis land, we’re also going to sell hit PSLs for him so they can be sold tax-free. In each of those cases, the taxpayer’s lose for the benefit for the richest sports league in the United States. They’re rich for a reason: corporate Wilfare.

2 thoughts on “Flashback: Rep Gruenhagen Explains why E-Pulltabs Won’t Work, and Are a Horrible Idea #wilfare”

  1. As proof of how bizarre stadium debates are, you’re quoting Glen Gruenhagen.

    Nice meeting you the other day.

  2. @Kevin, good times at #mnblogcon.

    The Senate hearing where Nienow and Marty were trying to figure out how to kill the bill was one of my favorites.

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