Only 8 E-Pulltabs Venues are Meeting/Exceeding Projections #wilfare

Tim Nelson at the MPR Stadium Watch blog pointed us to the top-10 e-pulltabs locations by revenue per device. All ten of them are beating projections on a per device basis. But, the average number of devices at these locations is below the 6.16 average the projections are based on.

If we adjust for that, it turns out that only 8 locations are actually hitting projections:

Venues Meeting/Exceeding e-Pulltabs Projections

By the way, Harry’s Bar in Hill City, MN was #1 in the state last month for e-pulltabs gross revenue by throwing $2,839 PER DAY into the bar’s e-pulltabs devices. A month later, they’ve dropped from $2,839 to $888 ($222 on average per day for their 4 devices or $498 per day below what an average of 2,500 venues need to hit in order to meet the state’s Vikings stadium mortgage payments).

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